ZoogVPN Review – TheVPNShop

ZoogVPN Review by TheVPNShop

We are pleased to be reviewed by TheVPNShop and once again being recognized as a leading affordable all-round VPN service provider in the industry. We would like to thank them for the time they took to review our service to provide helpful information to readers worldwide.

thevpnshop zoogvpn reviewThe key pros mentioned in the review

The review found ZoogVPN’s key pros as follows:

“When it comes to VPN protocols, ZoogVPN does pretty well too. OpenVPN and IKEv2, the best of the best, are both available, although you might need to switch the default from IKEv2 to OpenVPN. For Apple users, L2TP/IPSec provides a third-best alternative. Read more...

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ZoogVPN Review by VPN Alert

We are pleased to be reviewed by a relatively new, but already established review service VPNAlert.com and once again being recognized as one of leading affordable all-in-one commercial VPN service providers in the industry. We would like to thank them for taking their time to review our service to provide helpful information to VPN community.

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Can’t Decide for a VPN? Here are the 4 Best VPN Review Sites to Help you Choose

VPN review sites

The 4 Best VPN Review Sites to Help you Choose the Right VPN Service

As a VPN company that considers user safety and satisfaction as the most important aspect of our service, at ZoogVPN we understand that you want to be as informed as possible when choosing a VPN service, especially if you’re planning to commit for the long run. So, in this week’s Zlog post, we’ve decided to turn the tables and bring you our honest review and opinion of the best VPN review sites available online.

What makes a good VPN Review Site?

Just by typing ‘VPN review’ in your Google search engine, you’ll get hundreds of thousands, if not millions of search results. Of course, you can just go with the top few review sites on your first page, but is there a way you can be sure they’re trustworthy and fair? Here are some of the most important things you should look for:

Honest Ratings and Clear Reasoning

Let’s be honest, the vast majority of review websites are sponsored in one way or another. Accepting payments from sponsors defeats the purpose of reviewing the VPN service. That’s why this should be the first thing you should look after. If the website has a detailed About Us section that shows how they do their business, it only adds to their credibility as an independent and honest VPN review site.

Another very important aspect is how the VPN review site conducts these tests. Do they just copy the information or do they include testing the VPN service, its servers, protocols and so on? VPN review sites that have a well-defined testing methodology and explain their statements with facts are the ones that care the most about VPN users.

Well-researched information

If the website’s main job is reviewing VPN services and similar products, they’d better know what makes some providers better than others and what information is most important to look for. A good VPN review website is one that provides well-written reviews with no factual mistakes and no generic review content.

Regularly  Updated

The VPN market is constantly changing, and some information that was accurate only a few months ago is now useless and outdated. That’s why the most reputable and trustworthy VPN review sites regularly edit and update their reviews to ensure all of the information is accurate and up to date. If a site has no dates in its articles or has reviews that are a couple of years old, you’ll be better without reading the review.

4 Best VPN Review Sites


vpnMentor is one of the top VPN review sites you can find online. It offers a unique perspective of each VPN, as it combines reviews of both professional tech experts and service users. For example, you can browse their detailed ZoogVPN review, but also voice your opinion about our service, directly on their review page here.


BestVPN is a great all-around VPN review site and a great source of cybersecurity and online privacy information. Besides providing in-depth and regularly updated VPN services reviews, this website often posts articles on digital rights, online security and pretty much everything you would be interested in if you’re a regular VPN user or plan to become one. BestVPN is an unbiased and professional VPN review site that always lists all of the aspects of a VPN service, which you can see in their honest ZoogVPN review.


Without any doubts the biggest and most popular site out of the four listed here, PCMag enjoys a huge reader base of over 40 million people. It offers reviews, advice, and how-tos on basically anything technology-related. Their website is easy to navigate and there’s a special VPN section where you can browse and directly compare VPN services.


Last but not least, you’ve probably heard about TrustPilot. Unlike basic VPN review sites, TrustPilot is a user-based review website which covers a wide range of online e-commerce websites and services. This includes many VPN companies one of which is ZoogVPN. You can find what other users say about us in the ZoogVPN review.

The internet is great for getting unbiased and unfiltered information. Your honest opinions, reviews, and authentic experiences help others looking for a suitable and proven VPN service. We hope you found this weekly Zlog article useful. If you’re still undecided and are looking for a proven and tested VPN service, you can try the ZoogVPN free package for an unlimited period of time.

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ZoogVPN Review by fastvpnservice.com

ZoogVPN Rated as Fastest VPN

We are happy to be reviewed by one of the leading VPN review websites – fastvpnservice.com and once again being recognized as one of the best fast VPN providers in the industry. We want to thank them for the time taken in reviewing our service to provide comprehensive information to VPN lovers worldwide.

Fast VPN Service is a leading VPN review service provider whose aim is to provide updated reviews and ratings of different VPN service providers and help users select the best services from them.

The people at Fast VPN service are professional reviewers and anyone looking for independent advice should consider their opinion. In the review they have said that  “We would recommend using ZoogVPN if you want quality VPN at affordable prices, especially for accessing US and UK streaming services from around the world. Besides, signing up to a Free Plan won’t cost you a dime and is risk free“.

We hope that this review will be useful for anyone considering to join our fast-growing quality VPN service.

Separately, ZoogVPN has been recognized as one of the top 5 services of 2015.

How to Sign Up to Fast VPN from ZoogVPN

If you’re not yet a subscriber to our Free VPN service, then we would love to welcome you aboard! Sign up for fast VPN today from ZoogVPN and start streaming your favourite services from anywhere while protecting your privacy online!


PS: No financial reward or incentive has been given to the reviewer by ZoogVPN.

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