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Stay safe online with
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Stay safe and secure online, use a VPN. Don't risk it!

The complete blazing fast VPN service comes with easy to use VPN apps, access to US Netflix among other services, zero logs, own DNS servers, safe torrent downloads and up to 5 simultaneously connected devices.

We support various VPN protocols including OpenVPN TCP/UDP, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP & IKEv2 protocol for complete Internet privacy and freedom.

Unblock websites

Unblock Websites

Instantly gain access to any website or app from any country. We provide access from China, UAE, Russia and other heavily censored countries.

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

Enjoy unlimited data usage with every premium plan.

Fast Speed VPN

Blazing Fast Speed

Dedicated servers offer superb download speeds from anywhere in the world. Latest IKEv2 VPN protocol reduces VPN overhead maximising throughput.

Online security

Secure VPN Protocols

Protect your sensitive online data with latest VPN protols IKEv2, L2TP/Ipsec and OpenVPN with 256-bit cipher, SHA256 authentication and RSA-2048 handshake. We even offer Socks5 proxy for faster speeds.

Online privacy

Online Privacy

Avoid being tracked online with no DNS leaks and protect your identity by masking your real IP. We also have a strict zero logs policy and are based in Greece, with excellent privacy laws, outside 14-eyes country.

Wi-Fi security

Public Wi-Fi Security

Full military-grade protection for public Wi-Fi against hackers, Internet Service Providers and prying eyes.

Protect all of your devices.

ZoogVPN works on all major devices including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. It also works with Linux, Blackberry, Chromebook and Routers. It even works on up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Zoog VPN supported devices

Cherry-picked fast VPN servers.

We offer 30 VPN servers in 20 countries spanning across the globe and adding new ones all the time.
Join thosuands of users for online freedom & privacy and take control of your Internet with our growing global blazing fast VPN network.



  • US Flag

    USE - Washington

  • CA Flag

    CA - Montreal

  • US Flag

    USC - Dallas

  • US Flag

    USC - Kansas

  • US Flag

    USE - Miami

  • US Flag

    USW - S. Francisco


  • NL Flag

    NL - Amsterdam 1

  • GB Flag

    UK - London 1

  • CH Flag

    CH - Zurich

  • DE Flag

    DE - Dusseldorf

  • DE Flag

    DE - Frankfurt

  • ES Flag

    ES - Madrid

  • FI Flag

    FI - Helsinki

  • FR Flag

    FR - Paris

  • SV Flag

    GR - Athens

  • IT Flag

    IT - Milan

  • NL Flag

    NL - Amsterdam 2

  • NO Flag

    NO - Oslo

  • PL Flag

    PL - Warsaw

  • RU Flag

    RU - Moscow

  • SE Flag

    SE - Stockholm

  • GB Flag

    UK - London 2

  • GB Flag

    UK - London 3

Asia Pacific

  • AU Flag

    AU - Perth

  • AU Flag

    AU - Sydney

  • CN Flag

    HK - Hong Kong

  • JP Flag

    JP - Tokyo

  • SG Flag

    SG - Singapore

If the VPN server location you're looking for is not available, contact us and tell us which location you would like to be added and we will add the server on popular demand to our network.

Here is why our users love us.

You guys are absolute legends, thanks for the free plan trial. I can now watch British telly. Definitely subscribing!

Sumaya Ahmed

Melbourne, Australia

Hi guys, Love the service, it's such a bonus to be able to watch Netflix etc while I'm traveling and working overseas.

Andy Barrett

Brussels, Belgium

The few friends I told about were very excited to hear the news and will be using your service when traveling internationally.

Eric Cota

Cape Town, South Africa