What is a kill switch?

The VPN Kill Switch is an advanced feature that prevents your device from accessing unprotected internet. Our apps are constantly monitoring each VPN connection with our server. If it unexpectedly drops, ZoogVPN will block internet access for an affected device until the connection to the VPN node is restored. When browsing the Web it's important to have a full VPN coverage. If a VPN is disabled, you risk leaking your IP in a matter of seconds.

What devices support kill switch?

Currently, you can use our in-built kill switch feature in both Windows and MacOS applications. It's super easy to turn it on - just toggle the button in the settings of your app.

How to enable the VPN Kill Switch?

1. Instal Windows or MacOS app

2. Open settings and toggle the button

3. Connect to the VPN server and enjoy!

Here is why the VPN Kill Switch is a must

Kill Switch adds extra security

Kill Switch serves as a second line of defense. Your connection might be interrupted for different reasons and VPN server isn't usually the reason. Software interference or an unstable internet connection are the most common causes of dropouts, and kill switch is a handy feature to protect your privacy when it happens.

Advanced leak protection

If your connection accidentally drops, your real IP can be exposed. Even a few seconds of unprotected internet access can be risky. With ZoogVPN kill switch enabled, you don't need to worry about it at all. Your identity is always private.

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