How a VPN Service Can Protect You from Hackers

VPN service

How a VPN Service Can Keep you Safe from Hackers

No matter what ISP you’re using to go online, if you want to maximize your security and privacy, using a VPN service is the best way to go. VPN’s remain as one of the most effective means of maintaining online privacy. Many people have the misconception about how VPN’s work and their use against viruses and malware. This enticed us to address this subject in detail.

How a VPN Service can Protect You

A VPN is capable of keeping your data safe from third-party hackers and attacks. How does it manage to do that? Well, most reputable VPN services, like ZoogVPN, implement a 256-bit encryption protocol, one of the safest and most reliable encryption protocols out there. A VPN service also hides your IP address and encrypts all of your online traffic. Thanks to this, no one, not even your internet service provider, can monitor your online activity. Read more...

ZoogVPN Partners with Vilfo – Best VPN Router

ZoogVPN and Vilfo router

ZoogVPN Partners with Vilfo – Best VPN Router

Great news for all privacy enthusiasts and advocates! ZoogVPN has partnered up with Vilfo, the best VPN router on the market created by the team behind By using this VPN router, you will be able to enjoy secure internet connections and unrestricted access. We have decided on this step to bring you the best VPN solution for your smart home and office.

Why Do you Need a VPN Router?

While a VPN protects and encrypts your individual devices, a VPN router can do this for multiple devices at once.  As long as your internet connection goes through your VPN router, you will be completely secure and protected, without having to check every time if your device is connected. Using a VPN is easy for anyone, and using a VPN router is even easier. Having a VPN router is especially beneficial if you’re using a variety of internet-enabled devices in your household or office. So, what should a good router have and what is the best VPN router out there? This brings us to the next part. Read more...

The Best Free Proxy Servers with ZoogVPN

Free Proxy Servers

Free Proxy Servers with ZoogVPN

Every time you visit a website, your connection gives your internet address to the site you’re connecting with. That is your public IP address, and without it, you wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet. This address helps identify where you are in the real world, even to a street level and ultimately ties your name and home location to it. If you don’t want to share this much information with other people and websites, there is something you can do. You don’t need to change your Internet provider. You just go online and find a free proxy that will let you go online under a completely different IP address identity. A proxy like ZoogVPN’s Socks5 Free Proxy. Read more...

Why is ZoogVPN the best free VPN provider?

The Best Free VPN On the Market

A VPN is a very useful tool to keep you private and safe online. It hides your IP address, protects all of your sensitive data and keeps you secure from third party hacker attacks. With so many free VPN providers on the market, it’s hard to see through all of them and find the one that suits you the most. ZoogVPN has been the go-to choice for many free VPN users since 2013. So, why is ZoogVPN the best free VPN provider?

Free VPN Features

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Unfortunately, not many things nowadays are free, and those that are, tend to fall short on their promises. ZoogVPN is a complete VPN solution for all of your online browsing needs. The free VPN account from ZoogVPN is more than enough to support all of your internet needs. It includes 3 dedicated servers you can switch between and up to a total of 2GB of bandwidth each month. The total bandwidth can be increased through the refer a friend promotion, which means you can have even more monthly bandwidth to spend on your favorite site. Read more...

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Free Live Online from Anywhere


Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Free Live Online from Anywhere with a VPN

Calling on all football fans. The spectacle that you’ve been waiting for nearly 4 years is upon us. It is time once again for emotions to run high, for cheers, tears and hopefully plenty of joy. The beautiful game returns with the very pinnacle of the show – the FIFA World Cup 2018 finals in Russia. And in this article we will show you how you can watch FIFA World Cup 2018 free live online from anywhere in the world no matter where you are and never miss a moment.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia will see 32 teams compete for a chance to be crowned champions and lift the famous 18 carat gold trophy. Among the competitors is Russia of course as the hosts, also Germany who are the current reigning champions, previous champions Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Spain, and Uruguay and other hot favorites such us Portugal and Belgium. Read more...

How to watch love island 2018 from abroad when you’re on holiday outside of the UK

watch abroad love island 2018 on itv2

How to watch love island 2018 from abroad

Love Island 2018 is back on ITV2 for new series 4th June  2018

It’s that time of summer again when Love Island is back on our TV screens for the brand new series in 2018. Caroline Flack is returning as the host of the hotly anticipated ITV2 show, with Iain Stirling also reprising his role as series narrator.

Many sexy single ladies and gents now residing in the show’s villa, withDani Dyer, Wes Nelson, Alex George, Eyal Booker, Adam Collard, Kendall Rae-Knight, Samira Mighty, Hayley Hughes, Laura Anderson, Niall Aslam and Jack Fincham all ready to begin. Read more...