What is a DNS leak?

Before you reach any website, your device sends DNS requests to identify the IP address of any domain you visit. Usually, your ISP handles all DNS requests sent from your network. When you use VPN, your DNS requests still can be sent from your ISP unless the VPN has a DNS leak protection. If your ISP sends DNS queries, it can easily see where you go online. So, the case when your ISP sends DNS requests regardless of enabled VPN is called a DNS leak.

Bulletproof DNS leak protection

When you are using ZoogVPN apps, we protect you from DNS leaks. Our applications are configured in a way that makes it impossible for ISP to send DNS queries. Instead, we are using other DNS servers to resolve the host and protect your from DNS leaks. Nobody including your ISP will be able where you go online as we provide complete privacy solution.

Reliable IP leak protection

Even though all VPNs change your IP address, not everyone guarantees that it can't be exposed. Every website you visit gets your IP address. When you are connected to ZoogVPN, we give you an anonymous IP address. At the same time, we protect you from exposing this IP address with an in-built Kill Switch feature within our desktop apps. It automatically blocks your internet if VPN connection is dropped. If you are serious about privacy and security, it's important to enable Kill Switch every time you are browsing the Web.

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