For any technical issues please visit Support Center and contact support before claiming a refund under this policy. Our helpful and speedy staff is always happy to help with any problem. If you have a technical issue and it has not been resolved (after liaising with support and following all recommendations), you could be entitled to a full refund providing the following conditions are met.

Refund Policy Terms

All new subscriptions are covered by our money-back guarantee.

The refund policy stipulates a duration of 7 days and exclusively applies to the initial payment. Any subsequent recurring payments or future one-time payments associated with a singular account or an individual identified as the same person shall not be eligible for a refund.

You are entitled to a full refund on a new subscription if all of the following apply:

– You claim your refund within 7 days of your subscription date

– You sent an email to stating your username and the reason for your intended cancellation

– Your account has not already been suspended by us for the breach of our terms of service

– You have used less than 10GB of bandwidth of data through the VPN

– You have given our support a chance to resolve any technical issues you were facing

– You have not previously claimed a refund from us under this policy

– Your subscription was purchased directly from website and not from 3rd parties

If you have exceeded the 10 GB of data usage within a span of 7 days subsequent to subscribing, you shall also be exempt from the refund policy. We regard such extensive usage as an exploitation of the ample refund policy and the offers extended by our service.

If only some of the desired services are not available for some reason whatsoever and your original subscription is less than 7 days we may issue a partial refund at our sole discretion.

Upon subscribing to the service, customers are fully cognizant of initiating a subscription that will recur based on the selected subscription plan’s term. Customers bear sole responsibility for the procurement and termination of their subscriptions. Our service shall not be held accountable if, for any reason, the user neglects to cancel the subscription. Concurrently, users may request subscription cancellation through the support service. However, such request must be made in advance (at a minimum of 3 days prior to the subscription’s expiration).

For recurring subscriptions, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have canceled recurring payments from the source (e.g., bank or Paypal), simply deleting your ZoogVPN account does not automatically cancel recurring payments.

Any charges incurred subsequent to the cessation of the Trial version within the Google Play Store and App Store platforms are non-refundable. Given that the trial version is provided for the purpose of appraising the Premium features of our service, reimbursement becomes unavailable following its conclusion, with the customer being solely responsible for terminating the trial version at their discretion.

We endeavor to process refunds within 3 business days of an approved valid refund request, but payments may take up to 30 days to appear on your account, depending on your bank, card, or payment provider. All refunds are subject to a 5% admin fee.

Only Credit/Debit card and Paypal payments can be refunded.

This refund policy is subject to our full Terms of Service.


If you wish to cancel your account with recurring billing or if you have questions about your account, please email billing at or by visiting Support Center.

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