Why do you need ZoogShadowing?

ZoogShadowing is an obfuscation feature that allows using a VPN in heavily censored countries. When you use a regular VPN, your ISP can understand that. Even though they don't see where you go online, they can identify the use of VPN service by analyzing the data packets transferred to their network. Simply put - VPN traffic is different from one without VPN enabled. It's easy to identify the VPN with DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) and other technologies.

Countries with strong internet censorship require their ISPs to block VPN providers. This is a common practice in China, Qatar, Russia, and other censored places around the world. Some websites also use sophisticated firewalls and restrict access to everyone who uses VPN.

ZoogShadowing feature is designed to bypass these kinds of blocks by changing the way how our VPN traffic looks. We eliminate all well-known markers, protocols, and signatures to make our traffic look like your everyday HTTPS traffic.

What are obfuscated servers?

Obfuscated servers are special VPN nodes configured to hide the fact that the VPN is on. They allow users around the world to connect to VPN easily without firewalls detecting it. Technically, obfuscated servers change packet headers to make them look like regular HTTPS traffic. It can be done by using an extra layer of encryption, and scrambling data by hiding recognized packet headers. ZoogVPN servers are equipped with industry-leading obfuscation techniques that will help you to use our global VPN network from anywhere in the world.

What is Manual IP resolution?

On top of blocking VPN traffic, some countries tend to block VPN apps. It makes access the websites and VPN apps practically impossible. For this purpose, we've designed a Manual IP resolution feature that helps to bypass this block as well. When you login into our application, choose Preferences > Manual API resolution IP and enter the IP address provided by our customer support upon request. We are working 24/7, so it will take only a few minutes to receive the necessary information.

How to use ZoogVPN obfucation?


Get an app for Windows or Android

After that, open the ZoogVPN app, login and navigate to settings.


Toggle the ZoogShadowing button

Simply turn on ZoogShadowing and all VPN traffic will be hidden from possible blocks.


Connect to the preferred VPN server

That's all. Enjoy 🙂

Get rid of any blocks with ZoogShadowing

With advanced obfuscation techniques, all your traffic will be encrypted and impossible to track because make it look like regular HTTPS traffic coming from the VPN server.

Enjoy free internet on your device

ZoogShadowing feature is supported in our Windows and Android clients out-of-the-box. Just toggle the button in settings and get real internet freedom even in the most censored countries. It's that simple!

Take back control of your Internet

No commitment. No risk. No credit card required.

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