Make money on a VPN subscription in 3 easy steps

Signing up is quick and easy. Simply sign up for ZoogVPN, and an affiliate program will be available for you!

Step 2: Refer anyone who needs a VPN

Promote and market our VPN by sharing your unique referral link. Place this link anywhere where the potential customer might be interested – on a blog, YouTube channel, website, social media, and more.

Step 3: Get your rewards!

Once a user subscribes to a Premium ZoogVPN plan, you earn a generous commission of up to 50% depending on a VPN plan.

Rewarding VPN affiliate program

Zoog VPN is a leading VPN service provider with thousands of happy VPN customers worldwide. With our uniquely rewarding affiliate program, you can start making money today as an excellent passive income solution. Whatever the means of promoting our service are, which may include your blog, website, Twitter, Facebook, or others, making extra cash is quick and easy. To make it rewarding Zoog VPN offers the best on the market commission structure.

New Subscription

1 Month Plan



6 Months Plan



12 Months Plan



Subscription Renewal

1 Month Plan



6 Months Plan



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*NB: As we run various promotional campaigns, the prices of our subscription plans rise and fall accordingly. Since your commission is a fixed percentage of the subscription plan prices, it also fluctuates. Rest assured, you will always receive the correct commission percentage from every single plan sold.

Frequently asked questions

Who can become an affiliate?

In short – webmasters. Anyone with a website, blog, review site or social site. Ideally, the affiliate website is of a VPN related topic. Although we don’t have any restrictions for affiliate users, it’s better to have an experience in affiliate marketing to earn more.

How to become an affiliate?

At first, create a free Zoog VPN account. Login to your account and go to Affiliate Program. You will already have a bonus of $20. Copy your unique referral link and paste it on your website or a blog. Last but not least, start promoting and selling ZoogVPN services.

How it works?

Once you activate your account you can start referring new customers to our website and start earning money immediately. To refer new customers you need to promote our service using your unique affiliate URL which you can find in your Affiliate client area. The URL looks like:, where xxxx is your affiliate id.

What commission can I earn?

You will earn 50% on the 1st purchase of 1 Month Plan, while 40% for 6 Months Plan and 30% for 1 Year Plan, and 2 Years plan for each new customer.  On top of that, you will earn a 30% commission for all subsequent renewals.

When can I withdraw commission earned?

Once your account has more than $50 available to withdraw and it has been active for 30 days, a button will appear displaying “Request Withdrawal”. Clicking this button will notify us that you would like to withdraw your current balance. Commission payments are made to your PayPal account. Note that all commissions are paid on a net basis. If a refund is issued to a customer after the purchase, the commission isn’t credited to your balance.

Do my referrals have to purchase a plan on the same day?

No, when you refer someone to our website with your unique affiliate URL, a cookie is placed on their computer containing this URL so if they bookmark the site and come back later you will still receive the commission. The cookie is valid for up to a month (30 days), ensuring that you still receive your commission even after a month.

Promoting our VPN service and receiving more referrals

Promote on Social Media

To start, the easiest way is to post your unique affiliate link to your Facebook, Twitter, G+ & other social media platforms. Direct posting/emailing to friends who you think would be most likely to benefit from the Zoog VPN service will generally create better conversions. Your friends could also help you turn your social engagement into a profitable activity while having fun. Be creative and make your posts/messages interesting and importantly strictly no spamming!

Promote on your website or blog

If you have your own website, blog, or YouTube account you can directly promote Zoog VPN using your unique affiliate link on pages with relevant content. You can also use our banners and logos to generate more visible & appealing ads. Relevancy is key here, the more relevant your page is and the more targeted it is to one of the following: unblocking websites / unblocking streaming services / expats / technology / Internet / online privacy / online security / censored websites / censored countries / changing IP / hiding IP, the better the conversion rate will be.

Write a review or a blog post about our VPN service

This typically generates quite a bit of interest and thus leads to more new signups. Users are always interested in what others have to say about a particular service. Not only this potentially generates a good level of income it will also drive readers to a website or a blog. You can write reviews on your websites or as a guest writer for a relevant website or blog. If you would like to try out our service for review please create a free plan account here. If you would like access to a particular server or service let us know and we will try to accommodate your request.

Comments on review websites, forums, and blog articles

You can place guest comments on VPN review websites, forums, and blog articles leaving your unique affiliate link as a reference. Whatever your method, providing it conforms to our Code of Conduct, the content must be relevant to our VPN service to ensure a good conversion rate. Some of the topics you could consider include free VPN service, free proxy service, Internet security, Internet privacy, unblocking geo-restricted content like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer, and others, any Torrents/P2P topics (but be careful only certain VPN servers are permitted), Internet anonymity, Internet censorship, changing IP, hiding IP, etc.

Use our banner ads and brand assets

Use the banner ads for your website or a blog. We specially designed the promo banners for more effective promotion. In your affiliate account dashboard, you can find a lot of eye-catching banners, ready-made landing pages that you can use to promote our product. You can also use our brand assets where possible.

Code of Conduct

All Affiliates must comply with our terms of service including but not limited to section 5 (Affiliates & Resellers). ZoogVPN advocates good business ethics and social responsibility, and strictly forbids any email & social spam, fully enforces ethical copy and endorses the full disclosure requirements.

Join our Affiliate Program now and get a bonus of $20 for a smooth start!

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