About ZoogVPN

Online Freedom and Privacy for Everyone

Mission Statement

Here at ZoogVPN we believe that every person has a right irrespective of their location to unrestricted, secure and private Internet from anywhere. This is why our mission is "Breaking down Internet barriers and censorship for complete Internet freedom and privacy from anywhere".

Who we are

ZoogVPN was founded in May 2013 by a bunch of networking geeks and techies with IT background stretching as far back as 1990s during the boom years of the Internet. Since then the Internet has become a much more regulated, restricted and dangerous place which poses a great challenge to individual's right to online privacy, freedom and security.

With this in mind and given the strong background in IT, Computer Science and Networking, Alex Ovan and Sam Jones founded a commercial Virtual Private Network service which is now known as ZoogVPN, intended to break down Internet censorship and offer the average user real freedom and peace of mind online. Simplicity and availability of our VPN service is the key to our success as we continue to innovate and improve our products and services.

Have questions?

Visit Support Center or send us an email to info[@]zoogvpn.com at anytime