How to set up AU VPN on Android

Our AU VPN app for Android VPN app is very easy to use, it is completely free to download and ensures your freedom, privacy and security online.

create account

Create an account with ZoogVPN

Complete the simple registration process by this link.


nstall the best VPN app on Android

Download, install and open the app on Android smartphone.


Click "Connect" and enjoy!

Download Free AU VPN app for all Android devices

With ZoogVPN Android software you can connect within seconds to VPN locations worldwide. Our Android client comes with several great features ensuring complete freedom, privacy and security online.

safe browsing

Anonymous and safe browsing

When connected to ZoogVPN, we give you an anonymous IP address making it impossible to link anything back to you.

No censorship

No censorship & geo restrictions

Access any website regardless of your location. Browse any website, social media, and get the best streaming & gaming experience with ZoogVPN Android client.


Stop ISP throttling

Your ISP might slow down your internet speed. ZoogVPN runs the servers optimized for the best speed possible.

Get the best experience on your Android device

Auto-Connect to Best VPN node

Got lost among dozens of servers?
Let the app choose the best server for you.
Once you click "Connect", ZoogVPN quickly runs a few checkups to find the best non-crowded server with the lowest ping for your location. You will be connected to VPN server with the highest speed in a matter of seconds.

Auto-Select of VPN protocol

Wondering which VPN protocol is better for a specific server? We've got you covered.
Our Android client is able to automically pick the best VPN protocol for you. If you doubt what option will be better - TCP or UDP, just let us choose it for you. The best experience is guaranteed with our smart auto-select feature.

Launch on Startup

Set ZoogVPN to start up once you turn on your Mac. No extra efforts needed.
The client automatically launches and connects to the VPN server on startup.
You don't need to think about it every time your Mac is turned on - we've got your back for your convinience.

Download ZoogVPN Android client for Australia now. It's free 🙂

Advanced features

Your traffic is encrypted, your data is safe, and your internet is uncensored.


Optimized for speed

You will have the best browsing experience on your Android device regardless of what internet you are using – mobile data or WiFi.


Trusted OpenVPN protocols

ZoogVPN Android client works with trusted OpenVPN TCP/UDP protocols that have never been compromised. On top of that, the Android app supports the auto-select feature that automatically picks the best option for you.


Leak protection

Our Android app comes with advanced leakproofing enabled by default that ensures there are no IP or DNS leak


Bank-grade encryption

Industry leading 256-bit encryption and 2048 bit hash key to protect you from hackers, 3rd party snoopers and data thieves.


VPN on demand

The app comes with VPN on Demand feature which automatically reconnects your VPN to your most recent location, in case it is not connected. This feature ensures that your device is always connected to VPN for complete protection.



The Android app is optimized to bypass firewalls and restrictions of heavily censored countries with advanced obfuscation techniques.

Best free VPN for Android in Australia

Most of the ZoogVPN Australian users like our service for a simple reason - we have a lot of locations outside Australia that help them access British and American content. Even with our Free VPN for Android, you will have servers located in the UK and the US. So, our VPN app for Android is available for every Australian citizen free of charge, with no hidden fees. If you care about your privacy and security as much as we do, it’s crucial to have the best VPN for Android installed on your phone.

Nowadays, it’s very important to maintain privacy on the Web even when searching for something from your phone, and here a decent Android VPN client comes in handy. With ZoogVPN, you can download a free VPN APK or simply install a VPN for your Android device from the official Google Play store. Get the fastest free VPN for Android in Australia and enjoy uncensored Internet. Start your internet journey today with the best VPN client for Android.

Top-rated Android VPN app for Australia

These speeds are excellent. It’s rare that a "dvpn" fast connection
speeds across its network.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to have a VPN on your Android phone today, so you do need it. VPN is a must-have tool to bypass censorship, geo-restrictions, and secure your traffic on the Web. With a decent VPN on an Android phone, you can browse any website anonymously, download torrents without concerns and encrypt all mobile traffic.

ZoogVPN is the best free VPN app for Android. You can get a free VPN by creating an account with us. Free AU VPN app for Android goes with 10GB of monthly bandwidth, 5 blazing-fast VPN locations, and bank-grade 256-bit encryption. Download a free VPN app for Android on this page.

You can download ZoogVPN APK on this page. Simply click the corresponding button and ZoogVPN app for Android will be downloaded.

Yes, you can. Simply follow our straightforward setup tutorial and get started within minutes.

First of all, you need to check if your Android VPN provider stores any logs. If a VPN provider doesn’t store any logs and has real encryption on the servers, it’s safe to use this VPN on your Android phone. For instance, ZoogVPN maintains a strict zero-logs policy, has bank-grade 256-bit encryption, and advanced leak protection in its Android app. It’s more than safe to use ZoogVPN for Android to get real online privacy.

Sure enough! Simply visit this page and download a free VPN for Android – ZoogVPN. You will get 5 server locations, 10GB of free bandwidth, and a lot of features that protect your online privacy.

When comparing different VPNs for Android, you need to take into consideration a lot of factors – price, reliability, speed, and security. ZoogVPN is the best VPN for Android because it covers all digital needs without breaking the banks. ZoogVPN for Android has a free plan available for everyone, cheap premium plans, blazing-fast VPN servers, and all advanced features. So, the best VPN for Android is ZoogVPN.

Do I need a VPN on my Android phone?