Unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK -
Watch BBC iPlayer outside UK from abroad

Unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK

It is possible to watch BBC iPlayer outside UK from abroad

How to unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK?

BBC is the most popular and the oldest TV broadcasting service in Great Britain. Naturally, the BBC iPlayer is the most popular online streaming service in the UK. The iPlayer can be accessed online directly through BBC's website or downloaded as an App on multiple devices. The most popular ways to watch British TV on iPlayer is through websites on your PC and Mac or on a mobile device with Internet connection. One of the best features of the iPlayer is the ability to download programmes to watch them later within 30 days.

However, the best part must be that it is a completely free service and is without any advertisement. However, unfortunately BBC iPlayer is only available in United Kingdom. If you have tried to watch iPlayer from outside UK you would have come across a message "BBC iPlayer programmes are available to play in UK only".

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK to watch BBC programmes? Fortunately there is a way, otherwise, needless to say, this article would be pointless.

The best thing is that it's easy to use and takes only couple of minutes to be up and running. All you need is:

1. A PC or mobile connected to Internet.

2. Zoog Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Watch iPlayer abroad outside UK - This is how to unblock BBC iPlayer outside UK

Zoog VPN is a simple and genius solution that makes your device appear to have British identity by assigning it a UK IP. This is done through a secure tunnel to our UK based servers and acts as an extension of your device, with a new UK identity. It's like moving your device to United Kingdom without physically moving it.

Here is how in 3 short steps:

Step #1 Get Zoog VPN.

Step #2 Install Zoog VPN app for your device where you would like to watch BBC iPlayer on.

Step #3 Connect to a UK VPN Server from our VPN network and then visit http://bbc.co.uk/iplayer on your PC, Tablet or mobile.

Once connected to one of our VPN servers, BBC iPlayer and the rest of the Internet will see your device as being based in UK. This will offer you complete freedom to access any British TV service including BBC iPlayer outside UK. It's easy as 1,2,3 to start watching your favourite BBC dramas, documentaries, movies and sport on the BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world! So don't delay and try Zoog VPN for free.

Why ZoogVPN?

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Unlimited bandwidth, military-grade encryption, unlimited server switches, up to 5 devices, 99.9% uptime.

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