iOS VPN app

Special Features

  • Auto Connect on Startup

    Auto-Connect on App Start

    The app automatically connects on app start to your last VPN server, for your convenience.

  • IP Leak Protection

    IP leak protection

    During an active VPN connection the application deletes the default gateway, making it impossible for your real IP to leak to unwanted third parties.

  • Auto-Connect to best VPN node

    Auto-Connect to best VPN node

    The app automatically connects to the fastest VPN node based on ping, so your connection is always optimized for your location.

  • Auto-select of OpenVPN protocols

    The New IKEv2 Protocol

    The fastest and most secure 256-bit VPN protocol.

  • Save Login Details

    Remember login details

    The app saves your username and password for automatic login and VPN node authentication.