VPN Setup Wizard - iOS for iPhone/iPad/iPod

We recommend to download and install, fast and secure OpenVPN app. A good alternative to OpenVPN is a built-in iOS VPN client that supports VPN protocols L2TP/IPsec and IKEv2. Out of these two, for security, usability and speed we recommend IKEv2.

STEP 1. Choose your VPN

STEP 2. iOS Installation

Before we start an active Zoog VPN subscription is required and your device must be connected to Internet.

Step 1 - Download OpenVPN App

On your iOS (iPhone/iPad) device open Safari browser and navigate to this page. Click the link below to download OpenVPN app and install it.

Download OpenVPN

Download and install OpenVPN

Step 2 - Download Config Files

Choose your desired location and tap on the Download icon to download OpenVPN configuration file. We recomment using 'TCP' only when 'UDP' is not available or when a more secure VPN connection is required.

Please login into your account to select a VPN server.

Step 3 - Install Config Files

A new page will open with the configuration file. Tap on 'Open in OpenVPN' on this page from your Safari browser to import it into OpenVPN app.

Open configuration files

Step 4 - Import Config Files

Import the configuration file into OpenVPN by tapping on "+" button as per the screen below.

Import configuration files

Step 5 - Turn On Zoog VPN

Now enter your Zoog VPN email address as username and your Zoog VPN password as password. To turn on the VPN, slide the 'Connection' button right.

NB: Slide the 'Save' button to save your login details, to avoid re-entering them.

Turn on VPN

Zoog VPN will start connecting to your chosen Zoog VPN server.

Connect to VPN

Upon successful connection the following screen will be displayed.

Connected to VPN

That's it! It's that simple! Your iOS device is now protected and your Internet is unblocked.

Check that the flag next to your username has now turned to your desired server country flag. You may need to press 'Refresh' button for it to appear.

To turn off Zoog VPN, just open OpenVPN app and under 'Connection' slide the button left.

NB: To access online services via your iOS device you will need to download the apps like Netflix, Facebook, Youtube, Hulu Plus, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer and Pandora. Create yourself a free iTunes account of the desired country to download the apps.

Creating US iTunes Account (similarly for UK)

1. In the menu on iTunes, click Store > Sign Out

2. Click on the App Store link in the left sidebar of iTunes to open an App Store page

3. Scroll to the bottom, and click on the icon of your country's flag at the bottom right

4. On the following page, scroll to the bottom and choose United States of America

5. You will then be able to access US Apps

6. Follow Apple's instructions to get free Apps by creating an iTunes account without a credit card - support.apple.com.

Please note you will need a US address to register for US iTunes account, you can use an address of a hotel you stayed in or a friends address or any other public building.

Enjoy! You can now access numerous online streaming services, and browse the Internet with privacy and security.

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