Unblock Disney Plus in 3 easy steps

1. Get ZoogVPN Premium account

Subscribe to ZoogVPN and get your premium subscription. Once you are subscribed, you will receive a powerful VPN with a few US servers. The US VPN location will help you to get Disney Plus unblocked from anywhere.

2. Connect to the US VPN server

Open official ZoogVPN app on your device and connect to one of the US servers. For instance, try to connect to USE – New York or USW – Los Angeles. Disney+ is available only within the United States of America and some other countries, so the best way to get Disney Plus unblocked is to use a powerful US VPN service.

3. Open Disney+ and watch it from anywhere!

Once you are connected to the US VPN, you can watch Disney+ from anywhere. To start streaming any show on Disney+, open their website, create an account, or log in if you have one, and enjoy movies, series, and Disney+ originals.

Why do you need a VPN for Disney plus?

Disney+ is the US streaming service for various movies, series, and shows of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. Disney+ is loved by millions of people for unique cartoons, superheroes movies and series, and exclusive originals.

Although Disney+ is available in various regions, it’s still not supported in many countries. Furthermore, Disney+ has limited content for some countries. For example, Disney+ has around 1200 shows available in the United States, while in Japan it has only 418 movies and series. In Brazil you can enjoy 906 different shows, but in Indonesia there are 875 which don’t include a lot of exciting content that you can watch inside the US.

So, here you have only two options – you can wait for Disney + to be unblocked in your country or you can watch Disney Plus with VPN and unblock all Disney shows around the world. We highly recommend using a VPN for Disney+ and streaming any content you want from anywhere.

Reliable VPNs for Disney+ will unblock all Disney Plus shows and let you watch She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’, Light & Magic’, Lightyear’, ‘Logan’, ‘Rise’, and other wonderful movies that are available only on Disney+.

So, if you want to stream Disney+ in full HD – get a ZoogVPN subscription and start watching Disney+ with VPN today!

Unblock Disney Plus from any country

The Disney+ streaming platform has a huge library of different content. It includes everything great The Walt Disney Company has ever created – from classics to modern Marvel movies, Star Wars, the latest National Geographic shows, and more.

Yet, if you are based in a country where Disney+ is not supported, you can’t enjoy their latest series, movies, and originals. Fortunately, with a good Disney+ VPN you can!

All you need is to find a reliable VPN, like ZoogVPN, that unblocks Disney+ and allows you to watch exciting Disney shows. Our VPN for Disney+ works like a Swiss watch and unblocks the biggest Disney+ library which is in the United States.

Why ZoogVPN?


Connect to Worldwide VPN Servers

We cherry-pick every single server and optimize their performance to ensure fast download speeds and highest levels of encryption. Every premium Best Free VPN subscriber has access to all VPN servers worldwide, granting you access to even more online content from the respective VPN locations e.g. US Netflix with US VPN servers.


Zero Log VPN. Nothing. Zilch​

We take your privacy very seriously and as such do not store logs of your online activities. Logs can easily link actions back to you, and some VPN providers pass these onto 3rd parties when told to do so. We simply don’t keep any, so we can’t pass any.


Stream fast. Download fast

Unlike our competitors that offer many slow and unreliable VPN servers, our hand-picked VPN servers are located at key locations around the world and offer blazing fast download speeds. Furthermore, we constantly monitor and fine-tune each VPN server to ensure optimal performance of each and every server. This is why our VPN service offers excellent speed and performance at affordable prices.

Get VPN for Disney+ now

Questions? We got answers for you.

It’s very simple to use a VPN for Disney+. First of all, download a VPN app for your device and subscribe to ZoogVPN. Then, connect to the US VPN servers. Disney+ has the best content library in the United States, so the US VPN will be a perfect match to unblock Disney Plus. After that, open Disney+ and start watching anything you want!

If you are looking for a VPN for Disney+ you can just skip all free VPNs. None of free VPNs unblock Disney+ and let you watch it with a great quality. ZoogVPN, in turn, works perfectly with Disney+ and ensures you get a constant access to Disney+ no matter where you are now.