Free US VPN to protect your digital privacy

ZoogVPN is the complete and trusted all-in-one free VPN service that protects your sensitive personal and financial information online by using a highly encrypted VPN tunnel. This VPN complies with the latest security standards, so you can surf the web privately and securely.

Bypass censorship & geo-restrictions with a free US VPN service

Access any website regardless of your location with our free vpn service for USA. Forget about limitations even in the most censored countries. Enjoy content without spending a single cent.

Be sure that your data is safe

ZoogVPN is run by technical geeks who believe that internet security and privacy are inalienable human rights. We are not a part of any shady corporation that sells user data to third-parties. We are serious about no-logs policy, so we don't keep any logs and therefore have literally nothing to sell.

Five cherry-picked VPN locations

Free VPN for UK

Fast and non-crowded VPN servers located in London, the United Kindom. Enjoy free VPN with UK IP address.

Free VPN for US

Blazing fast US VPN server is located in the heart of the United States - in Washington. Get the US IP address for free.

Free VPN for Netherlands

Best free Netherlands VPN with servers located in Amsterdam. Sign up and get your free VPN for Amsterdam.

Free VPN for Singapore

VPN for Singapore is now available to all our customers free of charge. Browse the web freely and fast.

Free VPN for Poland

Best free Polish VPN with servers located in Warsaw. Enjoy a variety of worldwide servers with ZoogVPN

Why ZoogVPN?

It's really free VPN!

Let's face it - everyone deserves private and uncensored internet. As we strongly belive in data privacy, we run 5 servers that are free of charge.


No obligations or commitments

ZoogVPN is free for every registered user. No hidden obligations - sign up and enjoy our service for free.


10GB at your disposal

The average person uses 4.5GB of data per month. ZoogVPN gives you 2x more - 10GB.

global vpn

7 days of totally free VPN

Your free plan is not yet another trial with upcoming payment and complicated ways to cancel it. Sign up and enjoy free VPN for 7 days.

It's fast & reliable

We guarantee great download speeds even on free VPN account servers that are perfect for fast browsing, torrents, and basic streaming.

Detailed setup wizard

Non-crowded VPN servers

We constantly monitor our capacities with additional servers being added to maintain the quality of service.

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Best VPN protocols

You have a choice of multiple VPN protocols including PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSEC and latest IKEv2.


Real 24/7 live support

You will be provided with brilliant customer support 24/7 even if you have a free account.

Easy-To-Use with Free VPN Service for the US

Get started with ZoogVPN hassle-free. It takes a few clicks to setup VPN on any device with simple but well-equiped apps. Here is how it works:


Install ZoogVPN App

Install an application on any device in just in one click.


Click "Connect"

No need to be a rocket scientist, we promise. Open the app and click the button. That simple!


Enjoy Free & Safe Internet!

Advanced features

Your traffic is encrypted, your data is safe, and your internet is uncensored with ZoogVPN.


Best VPN protocols

ZoogVPN supports all the major VPN protocols. By default, our apps are equipped with the most trusted IKEv2 and OpenVPN protocols. They are supported out of the box and don’t require any hassle. If you are interested in PPTP, L2TP/IPSec – we’ve also got you covered. 


Kill Switch

Privacy and security are a cornerstone of any trusted VPN and this is why we’ve implemented a built-in Kill Switch feature on our desktop apps, protecting you in case of any unexpected VPN connection dropouts, for that extra peace of mind. Kill switch automatically locks your internet if you suddenly disconnect from a VPN.


10GB of free bandwidth

The Free ZoogVPN subscription comes with 10GB of free traffic that renews every month. This data can be used on any device – from your mobile phone to PC and routers. You can get even more if you invite your friends to use ZoogVPN. This will let you unblock 50+ VPN server locations and Premium features. 



Our apps are optimized to bypass firewalls and restrictions of heavily censored countries with advanced obfuscation techniques. Use our apps in heavily censored places like China, UAE, Iran, Qatar, Turkey, and others. We will provide you with a Manual IP to bypass ZoogVPN app blocks while the Shadowing feature will enable connection from the censored network.


Bank-grade encryption

Keep your sensitive data secure online and on public Wi-Fi with the industry-leading, bank-grade 128-bit encryption and 2048 bit hash key to protect you from hackers, 3rd party snoopers, and data thieves. Do your online banking and browse private websites with the confidence of bank-grade encryption.


Strictly no logs​

Logs can easily link actions back to you, and some VPN providers pass these onto 3rd parties. We take your privacy very seriously and as such do not keep any logs. What’s more, ZoogVPN has advanced DNS leak protection built into the apps, because your privacy is our number one priority.

Free US VPN available on all devices

Free VPN for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux, and more. Get free VPN app without any obligations.

Also secure your Blackberry, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Chromebook and Routers.

Top-rated Free VPN service for the USA

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Frequently Asked Questions

It isn’t easy to find a safe free VPN today. First of all, safe VPNs should keep no logs. Secondly, they must ensure a high level of privacy and security. Yet, it’s challenging to maintain a secure and complicated infrastructure without taking any money from customers. That’s why the best way to find a safe free VPN provider is to take a look at recognized VPN providers offering free VPN plans. For instance, ZoogVPN offers a free VPN plan in addition to its Premium VPN packages.

If you are wondering what free VPN to use, we recommend taking a few things into account. Usually, free VPNs are run to monetize active users in different ways, and this is what we recommend avoiding. Make sure the free VPN you choose doesn’t keep any logs and doesn’t sell any data to third parties. Also, please take a look at the level of encryption they offer for your data; it should be at least 128-bit encryption which is considered highly secure and almost impossible to crack. Eventually, make sure the free VPN you choose has the necessary VPN server locations close to yours. Free VPN from ZoogVPN has 5 server locations around the world and bank-grade encryption on every VPN server.

There are a lot of free VPNs to download on the market. However, most of them aren’t a good choice for your privacy and security. It’s generally known that a lot of VPNs don’t hesitate to collect users’ data and monitor their traffic. Those VPNs we recommend avoiding. Make sure you download a secure free VPN that doesn’t contain any logs and has absolute data protection without possible leaks.

Speed is essential when it comes to VPNs. VPN protocols and their encryption usually slow down Internet speed, and many free VPNs compete to be the fastest free VPN on the market. Yet, there are many factors that impact Internet speed when connected to a VPN. The most crucial factor is latency. To ensure the best speeds possible, you need to choose the closest to your location VPN server. This way, your Internet will be fast enough. According to our experience, the fastest free VPNs are ProtonVPN,, and ZoogVPN, which has a generous free plan available for everyone.

Some of our competitors cut down pretty much all necessary features rendering their VPN clients virtually useless, thus making you pay for their premium plans. We try to distance ourselves from such unreliable companies profiting at their customers’ expense. Our mission at ZoogVPN has always been affordable and secure browsing for each and everyone and we do our best to deliver.
And to answer your question – yes, there is a completely free VPN. ZoogVPN gives you more than enough to browse and even stream some of your favorite content.
If it all seems too good to be true, you can try our services yourself, and no need to worry, there is no credit card information shenanigans.

There’s a certain stigma to free VPN services due to lack of security and a strong possibility of some shady background operations. Some of the more popular choices might come with certain issues. A number of free VPN services were caught red-handed selling their customers’ information. With a free VPN client from ZoogVPN, you don’t have to worry about it, as there is a strict no-logs policy, making it impossible to store your personal information, let alone sell it.

If safe and secure browsing is what you’re looking for, then don’t look any further than ZoogVPN. We don’t cut corners when it comes to our free VPN plan, offering you a variety of security features and a selection of worldwide servers.

Head to our free VPN page, choose your operating system and you’re good to go. No hidden fees, no obligations, and no free trial spiel. A free-of-charge plan with a variety of servers all over the world, 10GB of monthly bandwidth and strong encryption so that no hacker or ISP can lurk through your web history and set traps for you. We care for each and every customer of ours, including those who use our free plan, so that you can count on us if you need help from our customer support.