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Free VPN service can benefit both British nationals fed up with total control and those who want to access unavailable sites in the UK or simply watch some British TV.

Our free UK VPN server is located in London and features virtually all the bells and whistles for your digital journey. You get 10 GB of bandwidth per month, no ads, a no-log policy, and AES 128-bit encryption for your peace of mind. All on the house. It is probably the fastest and cheapest way to LDN from the comfort of your computer chair. The only thing our service cannot do is bring the Oasis back, but you can watch their glorious shows on iPlayer while using it.

Watch British TV

Brits are truly spoiled when it comes to the amount of free content they can watch, while the rest of the world is left with 1-3 minute scraps of their shows on YouTube. Censorship, without a doubt, is one of the worst human-made inventions. Unfortunately, viewers around the world still have to deal with it. That's where we come in. Our free plan provides you with lifetime access to 10 GB of monthly bandwidth. No need for your credit card information. Just a no-nonsense free VPN for our lovely customers.

If you wish to stream the Olympics or any other major sporting event or witness yet another disastrous season for both North London sides, we've got you covered. Moreover, we don't keep logs, so nobody's going to ever find out about your guilty pleasure TV shows. You can watch KUWTK all you want. Your secret is safe with us.

However, if you're a dedicated binge watcher and feel like 10 GB per month may not suffice your streaming needs, then you'd be better off with our premium UK VPN plan, giving you unlimited bandwidth for your Dr.Who and Sherlock marathons.

Safety first

Unlike some of our competitors, we are based outside the UK, which is a huge advantage for a VPN company, considering the British government's constant pressure on freedom of speech. The infamous Snooper's Charter has no jurisdiction outside the UK, and the British authorities cannot prowl in your electronic devices. However, we suggest you avoid sketchy websites and torrent trackers letting you download copyrighted materials free of charge, in case you don't want to hear the sound of truncheon anywhere near you.

Anarchy in the UK

Big Brother is (still) watching you. The only difference is that it got way easier for him to do so. Surveillance is everywhere: it’s In your smartphone, in your smart TV, on a tiny screen of your smartwatch, on the streets under the gaze of CCTV cameras. Good luck trying to keep your private life private.

Our British clients know it firsthand. In 2016, the British government passed the law known to the public as the Snooper’s Charter, essentially making it legal for law enforcement officers to access your private information without your consent. Truly an Orwellian measure, but hey, that’s completely in line with the Zeitgeist. That’s why you need to protect your digital identity.

We at ZoogVPN strongly advise you not to use free browser extensions, as these are not actual VPNs and don’t provide any encryption, leaving you vulnerable to trackers, hackers, and all kinds of misfortunes. There have been multiple posts on social media from people in areas where the use of VPNs is restricted, claiming they got in trouble for using “free VPN from Chrome Web Store.”

We’re not in any shape or form advocating for any illegal activity, but we just can’t possibly support totalitarian measures that can be used to infringe human rights disguised as a tool for a good cause. In a country where you can be put in prison for a Facebook status, it is imperative you don’t leave a digital footprint.

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No obligations. No credit card required

ZoogVPN is free forever for every registered user. Sign up and enjoy the ride.


10 GB of bandwidth every month

The average person uses 4.5GB of data per month. ZoogVPN gives you 2x more - 10GB a month.

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Lifetime access

Your free plan is not yet another trial that will prompt you to purchase the subscription. Lifetime free VPN.

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Best VPN protocols

You have a choice of multiple VPN protocols including PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSEC and latest IKEv2.


Real customer support

No more interactions with robots. Our lovely agents will provide you with brilliant customer support.

Do you want something extra? If you’re about that content life and you need premium features like thousands of IPs, dozens of locations, unlimited bandwidth, then your best choice is one of our paid plans. They all feature unlimited bandwidth, so you can stream and download all available content as much as you like, as long as there is free space on your hard drive. And you’re no longer attached to one device, you can use one VPN plan for all the smartphones, laptops, smart TVs in your home. Don’t let the word premium scare you – our prices offer the best value on the market, without a doubt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! You have all rights to protect your privacy and anonymity on the internet. The majority of democratic countries permit the usage of VPN. Generally speaking, the usage of VPN is allowed if used within legal guidelines. However, some actions one may perform are indeed illegal – uploading and seeding copyrighted material without the consent of a copyright holder is illegal. If you’re a British national, you should also be aware of what country you travel to, as some countries prohibit the use of VPNs.  

There are currently no laws that prohibit you from accessing one of the international Netflix catalogs, so it will not result in a lawsuit. There are no reports implying that Netflix bans users for accessing geo-restricted content using a VPN. Since you are a Netflix subscriber and you’ve paid your monthly subscription, you are definitely not breaking any laws and can go back to your Netflix & Chill. 

Basically, go for a VPN and avoid proxy. When using a proxy, you don’t get all the bells and whistles in terms of protection, speed, and reliability that VPN provides. VPN services encrypt your traffic while proxies don’t; VPN services operate on system-level, rerouting your traffic through a VPN server, while proxies can only forward your traffic through a browser or an app. And last but not least, a VPN connection is much more reliable, especially if it utilizes the IKEv2 protocol. The way of a proxy is thorny and filled with connection drops. 

Our London server is free of charge. It comes with 10 GB of data per month, AES 128-bit encryption, and a No-logs policy. It works well at unblocking UK streaming sites, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4. Besides that, you don’t need to fill in your credit card information. A simple sequence of signing up and downloading the ZoogVPN client to the device of your choice, and you’re good to go!

  1. Go to where you can download the client for your operating system and sign up
  2. Run the client upon installation.
  3. Sign in using your details
  4. Choose the UK London server and press the Power button
  5. Enjoy your free UK VPN server!

There are many VPN advertisements on tech-related sites where reviewers praise pricey services that rarely have a 100% free no-hassle plan. They even include paid solutions as free ones, just to earn a couple of bucks from affiliate programmes. We are not like that. ZoogVPN gives you a free lifetime VPN plan with 10 GB of monthly bandwidth, AES 128-bit encryption, and a No-logs policy. Not only it’s completely free, but it is secure as well. You can enjoy your favourite programmes on BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and All 4.

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