Unblock ITV Hub outside the UK in 3 steps

1. Get ZoogVPN Premium account

Subscribe to ZoogVPN and get your premium subscription. Once you are done here, you will receive a premium VPN with several powerful UK servers. The UK VPN location is exactly what you need to unblock ITV Hub outside the UK.

2. Connect to the UK VPN server

Open the ZoogVPN app on your device and connect to one of the UK servers, for example, London 4 or London 5. ITV Hub is available only within the United Kingdom, so will change your IP address to the one in the UK, and you will be able to watch ITV.

3. Open BBC iPlayer and watch it outside UK!

Once you are connected to the UK VPN, you can watch ITV Hub from abroad. To start streaming any BBC show, open their website, create an account, or login if you have one, and enjoy series, shows, or live streams.

Watch ITV Hub outside UK from abroad

Being British or having lived in Britain for a substantial amount of time you come to realise how embedded into culture is the British Telly. The ITV or ITV Hub, offers viewers a wealth of excellent TV programs from soaps such as Coronation Street to dramas like Downton Abbey.

Quite a few of Brits are lucky enough to go on holiday or move altogether abroad, own a holiday home or know someone who does, which all leads to one question while we are away – how can I watch ITV Hub abroad? Irrespective of where you are e.g. Portugal, Holland, Spain, France, Germany, USA, Australia or anywhere else in the world, the truth is that you can’t directly access the ITV Hub online from anywhere, but the UK. Nevertheless, watching British TV is very much thought after while being abroad and there is nothing can prevent us from sitting in front of the TV for hours, with no end, watching reruns of ‘Top Gear’ yet again or watching some footie.

Watch British Telly outside UK - Watch ITV Hub outside UK from abroad

As we previously mentioned there are many great television shows that you can watch constantly on ITV Hub or ITV Hub online.

However as previously stated, the problem appears when you happen to be abroad outside UK while trying to watch ITV Hub online and it appears not to be available to you outside the UK. Recently ITV has started blocking VPNs from accessing ITV Hub, with an error “We’re sorry, something went wrong – please try again (ref: 006)” being displayed or even “itv hub error 2000” when trying to access it from abroad via VPN. So is there a solution that will allow you to watch ITV Hub outside UK from abroad even with the latest VPN blocks and ensure that you don’t miss a moment of your favourite shows such as X Factor, Coronation Street or even the award-winning Downton Abbey.

Bypass regional block messages (error 'ref: 006' or error 2000) to watch ITV Hub from abroad

Naturally, like many other things in the world, even this can be solved. While the ITV Hub is an online service allowing you to watch TV shows only inside the UK, and this exclusivity is directly related to the IP address that you have, unless it is originating from the UK, you won’t get pass this security. Although this seems hard, unblocking ITV content is extremely easy with the use of a VPN. VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, which will allow you to overcome the problem of your current location and access ITV content from anywhere in the world.

Watch British Telly outside UK - Watch ITV Hub outside UK from abroad

A VPN will allow you to connect to a secure network from any destination, and you will need to have your own username and password, after which all the data sent to you and from you is encrypted, so that it will seem as it is originating from the UK. Finding a good Virtual Network Provider could be tricky, but Zoog VPN is a first class VPN service provider with blazing fast VPN network, and it will grant you access to watch any British TV online service from anywhere outside Great Britain.

If you are outside UK while your favourite TV show or game is on, using our VPN service will give you access to the full British telly on ITV Hub just like as if you never left. With our VPN service, you will secure your Internet connection on all household devices including your Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, and more.

Here is how to get ITV Hub outside UK in 3 short steps:

Step #1 Get ZoogVPN.

Step #2 Install ZoogVPN app for your device where you would like to watch iTV hub on.

Step #3 Connect to London 2 or London 4 that have UK VPN location from our VPN network and then visit bbc.co.uk/iplayer on your PC, Tablet or mobile.

Note that a Premium VPN plan is required.

Alternatively, watch the video on how to watch BBC iPlayer outside the UK.

TIP: Ask us for 3 days premium plan to test out BBC iPlayer streaming before committing to a paid plan.

Don’t have ITV Hub Account?

Don’t worry, it’s easy to sign up, simply enter UK postal code to watch ITV Hub from abroad.

To ensure you’re located in UK, ITV prompts you for a postal code during registration process before letting you start watching any of their live streams. If you don’t have UK postcode for ITV or just don’t know where to find a relevant ITV postcode or UK Postal/Zip Code then try using ‘SW1P 3SH’ or ‘SE11 6QT’. You can also try any one of these as well: ‘SE11 6JF, ‘SE11 6JJ’, ‘SE11 5JE’, ‘SW8 1GB’, ‘SW3 5JH’ or ‘SW2 5HY’. These UK postcodes for ITV should help you create an account and use ITV. If you still experience issues with ITV postcodes – just open Google Maps, select any random building in London, and copy the postal code you see over there.

Setting up all the VPN settings is extremely easy, and from that point on, you will be able to enjoy everything, like you usually do, without having to worry. See your favourite TV shows, sports and do not miss a single thing, wherever you are.

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Questions? We got answers for you.

ZoogVPN is a complete VPN solution which grants you access to any censored website from anywhere in the world. It also protects your sensitive personal and financial information online through highly encrypted VPN tunnel. By using ZoogVPN you ensure your privacy and security online while surfing the Web.

ZoogVPN is available on Windows PC, macOS, iOS for iPhone & iPad and Android devices. Even Blackberry, Linux, Apple & smart TVs and VPN-enabled routers are supported. With quick and easy install you’ll be up and running in minutes.

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No. One household per account only. Our offering is already generous with unlimited devices, unlimited bandwidth and speed. Sharing your accounts with users outside your household violates our terms of service and will decrease overall quality of our service. For the benefit of everyone, please play fair and don’t share!

A Free Plan is designed to be a trial plan for anyone wishing to try out ZoogVPN service, while also offering limited, but absolutely free VPN. Each Free Plan comes with a monthly data allowance of at least 10GB, which can be increased to Premium access through refer a friend rewards. So you can give our service a good go before upgrading. You can also request a 3 days premium trial by contacting support.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer access to over 20 Netflix regions, Disney+, Hulu and many other popular premium streaming services. We also offer access to BBC iPlayer & ITV Hub UK, RTE Player Ireland, HotStar India, Zattoo Switzerland and many other free streaming services.

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