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If you are looking for a VPN provider with russian VPN server included, you just found one. ZoogVPN is the best Premium VPN that has Russian VPN server in the list. Furthermore, ZoogPVN perfectly operates in Russia. Even if you are located inside Russia, you can use ZoogVPN and any server from the list to hide your identity and secure your private life on the Web.

A lot of VPN services have been blocked in Russia during the last months and it becomes more and more difficult to find a working VPN solution. However, ZoogVPN team does its best to ensure our VPN is functioning perfectly inside Russia and doesn’t need to leak any data to Russian government and authorities. We are legally based in Greece which frees us from any reports to officials from any country. So, if you want to get the best VPN with a Russian server – sign up to ZoogVPN today!

How to get VPN with Russian IP address?

1. Get ZoogVPN plan

Create an account with ZoogVPN and choose any subscription that works for you. We recommend getting 2 Years VPN subscription which is the cheapest solution ($1.38 a month) that includes a Russian VPN server and 50+ other VPN locations all over the world.

2. Download ZoogVPN app

Secondly, download a VPN app for your device. Install our VPN in Russia or any other country you are based on and launch it. After that, you will be able to access a VPN with Russian IP as well as other VPN servers in different countries. Connect to Russian VPN server and you will get your VPN for russian IP.

3. Browse Internet with the best Russian IP VPN

Once you are connected to the VPN with the Russian server, you are good to go. You can visit any website on the Internet like you are physically located in Russia. We always monitor our Russian VPN servers to ensure they are working just fine.

How to unblock websites in Russia with a VPN?

Internet censorship in Russia is very tight nowadays. A lot of websites are completely unavailable inside Russia, so you need to get a good VPN for Russia to unblock them. Even Facebook and Instagram are currently blocked in Russia. A lot of media, Western press, and news websites are also restricted from visiting inside Russian Federation.

However, there is a simple solution – just get a VPN for Russia that really works. ZoogVPN is known for its amazing capabilities of unblocking everything from Russia and other countries. Our VPN is a top choice for everyone who is looking for russian VPN server as well.

Being experienced engineers and network geeks, our guys doing their best to ensure everyone in Russia has an opportunity to use a VPN and unblock information even for free.

We always fight for online freedom and it’s our mission to make the Internet really free and uncensored. So, get a ZoogVPN subscription and unblock websites from everywhere!

Get your VPN with Russian server now!

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