France.TV is a popular on-demand platform allowing viewers in France to enjoy their favorite shows and programs from all the France Télévisions channels, including La 1ère, Culturebox, France 2, France 4, France 3, Franceinfo, Okoo and Slash. Being the national public broadcaster, France.TV is free of charge for all viewers in France. However, if you’re travelling, working or studying elsewhere, you won’t be able to access France.TV due to licensing issues and the restriction policy imposed by the service. That’s where ZoogVPN comes in. With our service, you won’t ever have to worry about missing your favorite show, a sports event or a movie premiere. Simply get our app for your computer or your smartphone, select a server in France, click Connect and you’re good to go! That annoying “Votre opérateur vous localise…” message won’t ever bother you again.

Unblock France.TV in 3 easy steps

Get a ZoogVPN account

Subscribe to ZoogVPN and get your premium subscription. Once you have an account with us with an active subscription, you can choose between multiple French servers. Select one of the servers you like so that our app can make it look like you’re located somewhere in France.

Connect to a server

Open the ZoogVPN app on your device and press Connect, upon selecting one of our French servers. Content from France.TV is available exclusively to French audience, so if you’re currently located elsewhere, your best option is getting a VPN subscription.

Enjoy streaming France.TV

Once you are all set, you can stream multiple channels on France.TV from anywhere, anytime. You’ll need to log in to your existing France.TV account once the connection is established, or create  a new one with your email address.

What to watch?

France.TV offers a plethora of entertainment for everyone, including original francophone movies and TV series, Hollywood classics and premieres, game shows, various documentaries, news programs, cultural events and tons of sports events.

Sports fans can enjoy monumental events such as the Rugby World Cup, FIBA World Cup, FIFA Women's World Cup, Tour de France free of charge, as long as they have a French IP address.

Get the best France.TV for your mobile device

If you're an expat or an avid traveler, you should consider getting a VPN for your smartphone, and ZoogVPN might be just the ticket. Out apps are lightweight, easy on your battery, extremely easy-to-use, making it the best mobile VPN for France.TV. With ZoogVPN you can stream your favorite shows, movies, news and sports events on the go while protecting your personal information and securing your device from many existing threats.

Watch France.TV on your Smart TV

Not only that we provide a plethora of apps for your computer and smartphone, but we also have a brilliant solution for those who want to enjoy France.TV on a big screen. Get our app for your Smart TV and you can watch all the sports events in full scale. Once downloaded, just run the app, connect to a French server and you're good to go. You can download our app for Android TV directly from Google Play . Get your VPN for France.TV today!

Why ZoogVPN?

ZoogVPN is the best affordable all-in-one solution when it comes to streaming unavailable content from streaming services like France.TV and Canal+, securing your personal data and avoiding censorship to maximize your web experience. Make no mistake, there are no compromises and you get the best bang for the buck and all the bells and whistles you would expect from a premium VPN service. 


Best VPN protocols

ZoogVPN supports major VPN protocols. By default, our apps are equipped with the most trusted IKEv2, OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols. They are supported out of the box and don’t require any hassle. If you are interested in PPTP, L2TP/IPSec – we’ve also got you covered. 


Torrent-friendly servers

Download torrents with peace of mind and confidence on dozens of torrent-friendly, fast and unlimited VPN servers marked as ‘P2P’. There is no more need to worry about DMCA notices or speed throttling.

Strictly no logs

Strictly no logs

We take your privacy very seriously and as such do not keep any logs. Logs can easily link actions back to you, and some VPN providers pass these on to 3rd parties. We simply don’t keep any logs, so we can’t pass any.  

Get the best VPN for France.TV now.

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