Unblock Spotify abroad in 3 steps

1. Get ZoogVPN account

Create an account with ZoogVPN to get your free VPN for Spotify. Once you are done here, you will receive a free VPN to unblock Spotify abroad. 

2. Connect to any server that works with Spotify

Launch ZoogVPN on your device and connect to one of the server locations that work with Spotify. Choose the US, the UK, or the Netherlands and you will be able to listen to Spotify from anywhere in the world.

3. Open Spotify and listen to your favourite music

Once you are connected to the VPN, you can start listening to Spotify in their app. Simply open it, and start enjoying your favorite music or podcasts. No matter what country you are in!

Why do you need a VPN for Spotify?

Given that Spotify offers endless hours of music, it is extremely popular all over the world. Yet, Spotify is still not available in some countries or has limited access to all features, for example, Spotify podcasts. The reason is pretty simple – copyright issues don’t allow the distribution of music in certain areas. The global music market is very regulated and Spotify needs to negotiate with different record labels to make sure their music can be distributed legally in different countries. So, until Spotify makes appropriate agreements, the service can’t be accessed in specific regions.

How to unblock Spotify with a VPN?

If you are passionate about music, Spotify is the best solution for you. It offers exclusive albums, brilliant suggestions, and almost all creators worldwide. However, if you are traveling or live in a country where Spotify still doesn’t operate, you can’t enjoy it.

If you try to access Spotify from an unsupported country, you will get an error. Spotify detects your IP address and blocks access to its services. Here a VPN for Spotify comes in handy. A VPN will change your IP address, route all your traffic through a highly-secure VPN tunnel and connect you to the country that is supported by Spotify. This way you will be able to listen to Spotify from abroad.

ZoogVPN offers a free VPN for Spotify with 10GB of bandwidth which will enable you to enjoy hours of music without any problems. Once you connect to ZoogVPN, you can stream any music on Spotify, unblock it on school computers, and access it from anywhere.

How to get a free VPN for Spotify?

It’s pretty simple to get a free VPN for Spotify. First thing first – create an account with us to get a VPN for all devices. Then, download the ZoogVPN app, launch it, and connect to one of the VPN servers. Spotify is available in major locations supported by ZoogVPN, so choose the closest VPN location, and you are good to go.

Once a VPN is on, open Spotify, log in to your account and start listening to your favorite music from anywhere in the world.

By completing these short steps, you get your free VPN for Spotify that unblocks the service in any country.


Listen to Spotify podcasts from anywhere

Even though Spotify is already available in dozens of countries, Spotify podcasts are not. If you want to listen to Spotify podcasts, but they are not available in your country, it’s too early to get frustrated. A free VPN for Spotify will help you to unblock Spotify podcasts from anywhere.

Get ZoogVPN, connect to the US, UK, or other European servers, and you will be able to listen to podcasts on Spotify. Unblock podcasts and get useful information now!

Get your VPN for Spotify now!

Questions? We got answers for you.

If your school blocks Spotify, there are a few ways to get around those blocks. The best way is to configure a VPN or proxy that change your real IP address and bypass those restrictions. If you want to unblock Spotify without a VPN, it might be tough. Until Spotify is blocked on the network level, the only way to unblock it is to use a VPN for Spotify.

If you want to unblock Spotify in the country where it’s not available without a VPN, the only solution is proxy. You need to configure a proxy server, connect to it on your device, and try to access Spotify afterwards. However, the best way to unblock Spotify is to use a VPN. ZoogVPN provides a free Spotify VPN that unblocks it hassle-free.

If your Spotify VPN is not working, we recommend to change the VPN location you are connected to and try once again. If there is still no luck, simply download ZoogVPN – a trusted VPN for Spotify that unblocks it for free.

Sure you can. Simply go by this link and create an account with ZoogVPN. Once you signed up, you will get your free VPN for Spotify. ZoogVPN offers 10GB of bandwidth for free, so you can listen to your favourite music without any problems.

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