Unblock Facebook abroad in 3 easy steps

1. Get ZoogVPN account

Sign up with ZoogVPN to get your free Facebook VPN. Once you have the ZoogVPN account, you are free to unblock Facebook in any part of the world.

2. Connect to a VPN

Launch ZoogVPN on your device and connect to any server you like, preferably the closest to you. You can also let the app choose the best location possible and just press connect wherever you need to bypass geo-restrictions.

3. Hop on Facebook

Once you are connected to the VPN, you can chat and video call your loved ones in Messenger and engage in conversations on Facebook.

Why do you need a VPN for Facebook?

For almost two decades Facebook has been the number one choice to connect with your friends and family, meet new people and share your views and feelings on certain events. Unfortunately, a number of countries restricted the use of Facebook for several reasons, some of them being the spread of so-called “anti-government propaganda”. Countries like China, Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Cuba, and North Korea, known for imposing totalitarian measures, are among those countries that have blocked Facebook entirely in fear of dissent and civil uprising.

Aside from the mentioned above countries, Facebook can be cut off at any minute in any country due to the unstable political climate in the world. Facebook and other social networks have always been used by people to exercise their freedom of speech and for that reason, certain governments resort to blocking it. That’s why we at ZoogVPN are focused on providing free internet for each and everyone and leveling the playing field when it comes to freedom of speech.

How to unblock Facebook with a VPN?

This part is extremely easy and straightforward. First, you need to sign up for one of ZoogVPN’s plans to your liking. Once you’re done with registration, get the app for your device and launch it. Now that you have logged in using your credentials, press Connect and get to chatting! Unblocking Facebook is effortless with ZoogVPN.

Facebook, now called Meta, is the biggest social platform worldwide and the company includes Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Using ZoogVPN, you can unblock all these apps with ease. No matter how hard your ISPs or government try to take the fun away from you, we’ll make it a breeze to connect with your loved ones and meet new people. 

How to get a free Facebook VPN?


Need a free VPN for Facebook? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

First, Create a ZoogVPN account. No worries, you don’t need to fill in your credit card information and the registration process is extremely straightforward. Once you have an account, download the ZoogVPN app for your device. Launch the app and connect to one of the 5 servers available in our free plan. Now you’re free to browse Facebook, chat in Messenger and Whatsapp and swipe the travel pics on Instagram. Free Facebook VPN is real, so come on board!

Avoid Facebook geo-restrictions anywhere in the world

ZoogVPN can help you get out of the internet cage imposed by the government or annoying Internet Service Providers. Even the most censorship-ridden places cannot keep our clients from liking hundreds of memes and unblocking facebook sites.

In countries where censorship is rampant, an obfuscation feature like ZoogShadowing is a necessity, enabling connection even when the service is being blocked. This feature will be extremely helpful to users in heavily-censored China, Iran, Russia and Cuba.

Get your VPN for Facebook now!