The best VPN in UAE (United Arab Emirates) in 2022

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country of opportunities. Low taxes, digitalization, and vast business opportunities attract more and more people there in UAE. Yet, when it comes to such things as privacy and freedom, we face some difficulties. There are a lot of Internet censorship and restrctions in UAE. Some websites are blocked or not available in this region. That is why, you need to have a decent VPN in UAE for your daily routine and business needs.

ZoogVPN is a reliable VPN provider that works in UAE and unblocks dozens of services. With our best VPN for UAE, you will get a real online freedom.

How to get a free VPN in UAE?

1. Get ZoogVPN account

Create an account with us to get your free VPN in UAE. Once you are done here, you will obtain a free VPN subscription that you can use in UAE and beyond.

2. Connect to any VPN server

First, download a VPN app for your device. Install our VPN in UAE, and launch it. After that, you will be able to connect to our global VPN network. Choose any server and click the button.

3. Browse Internet in UAE

Once you are connected to the VPN server, you can open any website you want. ZoogVPN automatically unblocks all sites and services in UAE, so you can read any news, use Skype or WhatsApp, and eventually enjoy free and uncensored Internet!

How to unblock websites in UAE with a VPN?

Internet censorship in UAE is very strict. A lot of websites, services, and apps are blocked in this country. For example, websites from the following categories are unavailable in UAE:

  • Pornography, nudity, and vice
  • Impersonation, fraud and phishing
  • Supporting criminal acts and skills
  • Drugs
  • Medical and pharmaceutical practices in violation of the laws
  • Discrimination, racism, and contempt for religion
  • Viruses and malicious programs
  • Promotion of or trading in prohibited commodities and services
  • Illegal communication services
  • Gambling
  • Terrorism

When it comes to particular websites,  Badoo, Tinder, Skype, and even some Wikipedia articles are blocked in UAE. Furthermore, some websites a lot of people are used to browsing are currently unavailable in this country.

If you want to unblock websites in UAE, you definitely need a good VPN. A great VPN service will route all your traffic to a VPN server and unblock every website on the Internet. On top of that, a VPN will hide your identity, so nobody will know you used a VPN service.

How to get WhatsApp call and Skype in UAE?

Major VoIP services are also restricted in UAE. Some of them don’t work at all, and some of them have limited functionality. A few VPN providers in UAE allow sending text messages only, some of them don’t allow using Skype and WhatsApp at all.

Instead of digging into UAE restrictions, we recommend unblocking them with a VPN hassle-free. ZoogVPN provides a reliable solution – a VPN in UAE that just works.

Download our VPN client, set up an account with us, and you are ready to go.

No need to limit yourself in browsing the Internet, just install a VPN in UAE and enjoy free & uncensored Internet!

Bypass UAE censorship with a VPN

At ZoogVPN, we believe that everyone has an inalienable right to a free and uncensored Internet. It’s up to the person to decide which websites they should use and browse and which they shouldn’t. Nothing more, nothing less.

Although this right is often broken by some restrictions, we are here to help you and give you online freedom back. Our free VPN in UAE will provide you with uncensored access to the Internet, hide your real IP address from Internet Service Provider (ISP) and make your life really private.

Get your VPN in UAE now!

Questions? We got answers for you.

A VPN itself is not illegal in UAE. Mainly, it depends on the purpose of usage – you shouldn’t be worried if you’re up to no evil. If used for avoiding censored content or speaking with your loved ones you pose no threat to the security of the UAE. However, using a VPN for the purpose of fraud or crime is punished by law. We strongly advise you to avoid visiting suspicious websites and content while traveling to the UAE or living there.

For a good value-for-money solution with tons of features, one has to look no further than ZoogVPN. Our VPN client is pretty straightforward and has everything you need to avoid geoblocking in Dubai or other city within UAE. More than that, one ZoogVPN account is supported across an unlimited amount of devices, so you can switch seamlessly from work on your laptop in a hotel room to sunbathing time with your mobile device poolside.

Unfortunately, certain core features inside WhatsApp are restricted by the UAE and if you want to make phone calls and text freely, you’re going to have to get a good VPN client. Luckily for you, ZoogVPN is just what you need – military-grade encryption, a plethora of available locations, fast protocols, a kill switch, an obfuscation feature called ZoogShadowing, and many more features for your privacy and security. The best part is that you can take it for a spin for FREE so that you ensure you’ve made the right choice.

You can get caught using a VPN in UAE if you use unreliable VPN providers. Just make sure your VPN of choice has a No-Logs policy, which means that the company that runs this VPN app does not store any of your web browsing and downloading data so that they won’t have anything to turn over to law enforcement. Heads up, if you’re using a shady free VPN, or even worse, an addon from a Chrome Web Store, don’t expect them to have a No-Logs policy.

The United Arab Emirates is known to be very strict when it comes to breaking the law. However, you have nothing to worry about if you’re using a VPN service for non-harmful purposes like bypassing geo-blocks or streaming a TV show unavailable in that specific region. Make sure you’re not browsing any darkweb website either while you’re in the UAE.

If you don’t want to use a VPN client, your best bet is a proxy server. However, we should warn you that proxy servers don’t provide ANY form of encryption and cannot guarantee the security of your personal information.

Article 9 of the UAE Cyber Law states that fraudulent usage of a VPN for purposes of committing a crime shall be punished by temporary imprisonment and said person will be fined no less than Dh 500,000 (about a hefty sum of 136,000 as of 2022). That’s why it’s important to use a VPN that ensures your privacy remains intact.

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