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The 2022/2023 regular season is on and it already gave us some mind-blowing and unprecedented events like LeBron’s Lakers going 0-5, Curry’s Warriors losing three games in a row and the star-studded Nets losing eight times in a matter of 40 days. We’re witnessing the dominance of potential future Hall-of-Famers represented by Slovenian Luka Doncic and unstopable point guard Ja Morant. With the way things are right now, it’s totally unclear whether the big teams we’re so used to seeing win will be able to clinch a playoff spot. The only obvious thing about this season is the fantastic performance from Giannis and his teammates, now going undefeated 7 games in a row. If you’re interested in how this season plays out, but are unsure where and how to watch it, read the instruction below.

How to watch NBA games live

Join ZoogVPN

Subscribe to ZoogVPN and get your subscription. Once you are done here, you will receive a premium VPN with a vast server base in the US for bypassing the Blackout. A selection of our servers is fine-tuned for streaming and unblocking geo-restricted content, including NBA.

Connect to the appropriate server

Open the ZoogVPN app on your device and connect to one of the servers for a channel of your choice or a region of your choice in case you want to bypass the Blackout. NBA is available on a variety of services including NBA League Pass, SlingTV, Hulu with LiveTV, FuboTV, YoutubeTV and Sky Sports.

Open the streaming service and enjoy!

Create an account on a streaming platform of your choice or log in to an existing one and stream NBA games! The list of popular choices for streaming sporting events is down below.

How can I watch NBA games?

In order to stream NBA from anywhere in the world you'll need VPN software installed on your computer, mobile phone or smart TV. Once you set up the app, launch it, put in your login and password, choose the appropriate server and click Connect. If you want to stream NBA on Sky Sports, simply choose one of the British servers available at ZoogVPN. The same algorithm applies to streaming services in different countries. It's that easy.

Besides that, we provide great VPN apps for mobile devices, tablets and smart TVs, so you can stream your favorite team's fiasco on the go. The interface on all of our apps is very intuitive and straightforward, so even if you're not that tech-savvy, you won't be disheartened (just like the Knicks fan).

Channels and services broadcasting NBA

NBA League Pass is NBA’s own subscription-based streaming service. It’s available in different countries with different prices for each region. Unfortunately, NBA League Pass does not allow you to select a region with a lower monthly subscription so you’re pretty much locked in within your region. A great alternative would be to watch NBA from anywhere in the world on one of the streaming services like FuboTVHulu with LiveTV or YoutubeTV. Besides, British Sky Sports broadcasts NBA and can be easily unblocked by ZoogVPN wherever you are.

How to watch Blackout NBA games?

NBA blackouts might seem like an annoying and unnecessary practice, but they are actually very well-defined rules that help to keep the broadcasting rights in check. Every season, broadcasters battle for the rights to distribute live NBA games. Sometimes, these rights can be exclusive. This means that when one company obtains the rights, no one, not even the NBA itself, can’t broadcast the games in the specific geographical area the original broadcaster has acquired the rights for.

In other words, if you’re living in a state in which the broadcaster doesn’t have the rights, the game will be blacked out. This most often means you can’t watch your local team when it’s playing at home. These broadcasts can even be on a national level, which is commonly the case with big playoff matches and the final stages of the competition.

The NBA has a reasonably robust system to make sure there’s no broadcasting rights infringement. When it comes to the user side, the NBA League Pass streaming service uses geolocation to determine your IP address and block you accordingly. While this is inconvenient, it’s an issue you can easily avoid by using a VPN. The international version of League Pass is not subject to blackout restrictions, thus you can connect to a server in one of the countries where League Pass is available (outside the US) and clean the cache and cookies in your browser.

Why ZoogVPN?


Best VPN protocols

ZoogVPN supports major VPN protocols. By default, our apps are equipped with the most trusted IKEv2, OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols. They are supported out of the box and don’t require any hassle. If you are interested in PPTP, L2TP/IPSec – we’ve also got you covered. 

Global VPN network

Global VPN network

Unlike many VPN service providers that offer slow, blocked, unreliable servers, we carefully cherry-pick the best servers from main locations worldwide. We constantly monitor, upgrade and expand our growing fast VPN network to deliver best VPN service.


Torrent-friendly servers

Download torrents with peace of mind and confidence on dozens of torrent friendly, fast and unlimited VPN servers marked as ‘P2P’. There is no more need to worry about DMCA notices or speed throttling.

One subscription for all household devices

The average person has 10 household devices. With one subscription, you can watch the NBA games on all devices at the same time. Don't miss it!

Also secure your Blackberry, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Chromebook and Routers.

2023 NBA playoffs Schedule


  • April 11: Play-In Game 1East 7 vs. East 8 > Winner earns 7th seed and advances to NBA Playoffs
  • April 11: Play-In Game 2West 7 vs. West 8 > Winner earns 7th seed and advances to NBA Playoffs
  • April 12: Play-In Game 3East 9 vs. East 10 > Winner plays loser of East 7/8 game
  • April 12: Play-In Game 4West 9 vs. West 10 > Winner plays loser of West 7/8 game
  • April 14: Play-In Game 5East Loser 7/8 vs. East Winner 9/10 > Winner earns 8th seed and advances to NBA playoffs
  • April 14: Play-In Game 6West Loser 7/8 vs. West Winner 9/10 > Winner earns 8th seed and advances to NBA playoffs

Conference Finals

  • May 1-2: NBA Conference Semifinals begin (possible move-up to April 29-30)
  • May 16-17: NBA Conference Finals begin (possible move-up to May 14-15)


  • June 1: NBA Finals 2023 Game 1
  • June 4: NBA Finals 2023 Game 2
  • June 7: NBA Finals 2023 Game 3
  • June 9: NBA Finals 2023 Game 4
  • June 12: NBA Finals 2023 Game 5 (if necessary)
  • June 15: NBA Finals 2023 Game 6 (if necessary)
  • June 18: NBA Finals 2023 Game 7 (if necessary)

Get your VPN for NBA

NBA League Pass VPN: Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy. Sign up for one of our plans, download the app for your device and connect to a server located in the country where the TV channel or streaming service is available.

Unfortunately, you cannot legally stream NBA for free. There are some shady pirate streaming websites, but we wholeheartedly advise you to avoid those, as they can be operating for phishing purposes.

You can watch NBA TV content through NBA League Pass on any streaming device.

Yes, it is. There are no laws prohibiting you from utilizing VPN software to unblock geo-restricted content. Millions of people around the world use it daily.

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