US Netflix is definitely one of the best providers of on-demand internet streaming media. Unfortunately, as the name suggests it is only available to US residents, or at least this is how things should work. But, have you ever wondered if you can access the US Netflix media library although you only have a UK Netflix account? The first thing you should know is that this is possible. But, before we go into details you should take a few things into consideration.

Why watch US Netflix in UK?

First of all, in case you have a paid or trial UK Netflix account or account from any other Netflix country, you can login to Netflix regardless of your location, but you will have access to the content provided by Netflix for that area. In other words, if you have a Netflix account from UK and you are currently in the United States, when you login to your account you will get the chance to watch Netflix content available to US Netflix subscribers. Netflix is using a system that can check your current location by analyzing your IP address that you are currently using and it automatically provides content available for that region.

This means that it is possible to watch US Netflix in the UK but only if you can get access to a US IP address and this is exactly where ZoogVPN comes into play. With the help of ZoogVPN you will be able to mask your device and get US identity for it. ZoogVPN can provide an US IP address for your device. ZoogVPN is a Virtual Private Network or VPN in order to connect your device to a VPN server located in the US by using a secure tunnel and it this way your device will obtain a US IP address.

US Netflix UK - Watch US Netflix in UK with ZoogVPN

Netflix was founded in 1997 as a internet provider of on-demand video materials. However, thanks to certain moves they have made in the last few years, Netflix is seriously changing the rules of TV production. Besides streaming service, Netflix also has a DVD distribution service. Its services are now available in people in North America, some parts of South America and Europe. According to some stats there are more than 40 million Netflix subscribers in the USA and around the globe. As we have mentioned before, users have access to different content based on their location. There are literally hundreds of titles in their video library and these videos (movies and TV shows) are the direct result of the contracts Netflix has with small and big movie videos like Walt Disney and Weinstein Company as well as with some other cable TV providers and their subscribers are watching about 5 billion hours of TV shows and movies in three months on average.
But, what makes Netflix truly special is the promotion of their own TV shows and movies. For example, House of Cards is one of their biggest successes. This TV show directed by David Fincher and where actors such as Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright act has received numerous awards in the past few years. One of their documentaries (Square) was an Oscar nominee. They have also aired two seasons of the popular drama/comedy TV show Orange is the New Black and their popular Marco Polo TV show which will have a second season after the first successful season. In addition, they have produced few other interesting shows like Hemlock Grove, BoJack Horseman, DreamWorks Dragons, Dinotrux, VeggieTales in the House etc.

Why you actually need to think about US Netflix?

No doubt that Netflix is one of the best TV and movie streaming services on the planet, but those in America get more and better content than in the UK or other countries for about the same price. That’s clearly unfair, but there are ways to overcome the hurdle. The biggest complaint from Netflix customers is that they don’t have access to the same amount of content that the US-based customers do, especially when it comes to movies. Netflix is facing stiff competition from the likes of Amazon Prime Video, Sky’s Sky Store, and Now TV who have obtained the rights to many exclusive movies – including all of Warner Brothers’ new releases.

Netflix US also receives TV series before than UK-based users in the UK. Sometimes this is because of the content rights between US producers and UK TV broadcasters which means you can’t see the episodes until after they’ve aired in the US, without any apparent logical reasoning behind it. Over the following slides, we present our complete guide to accessing US Netflix from the UK and how to get US Netflix in the UK on almost any device, including how to get US Netflix on Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, iOS, Android, and other devices.

Following a recent push by Netflix to block VPN and proxy users from the UK and elsewhere, to “respect and enforce content licensing by geographic location”, Netflix has begun enforcing the ban on many popular VPN services that are forced to continuously find workarounds. The BBC has also done something similar not long ago to block people from accessing BBC iPlayer from the outside UK. Without a reliable VPN service to get around such measures, you might not be able to watch shows and movies in the UK that are only available on US Netflix. Netflix isn’t worried about losing subscribers as a result of their stance, though. As CEO Reed Hastings said: “I don’t think we will see any impact. We’ve always enforced proxy blocking with a blacklist. Now we’ve got an expanded and enhanced blacklist, so I don’t think we’re going to see any huge change.”

There are legitimate licensing reasons as to why Netflix offers different content in different countries, but there are also fears that by banning VPNs and proxies, UK users will instead be pushed towards the temptation of illegally downloading the same content from Torrents sites such as The Pirate Bay.

Here is how to watch US Netflix in UK

So, once you login on your Netflix account, your device’s location will be recognized as US-based location and you will get unlimited access to the US content. One of the things that users like the most about Zoog VPN is the fact that the whole process takes about few minutes. The setup is simple and easy and you’ll be able to watch US Netflix in UK in no time.

Step #1 Get ZoogVPN.

Step #2 Install the ZoogVPN app for your device where you would like to watch US Netflix on.

Step #3 Connect to one of the US streaming servers (they are marked with the “play” icon in your dashboard.

Note that a Premium VPN plan is required.

We also recommend checking out the services for all US TV and music streaming content that you can watch in the UK with ZoogVPN.

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Watch US Netflix in UK: FAQ

American Netflix is better than other versions because it offers a larger content library with many popular TV shows and movies that are not available in other countries. This is due to licensing agreements and regional restrictions, but with a VPN like ZoogVPN, you can easily access American Netflix from anywhere in the world.

Netflix is blocking VPNs to comply with licensing agreements with content providers. These providers often have different licensing agreements for different regions and require content to be available only in certain countries. Using a VPN to bypass these restrictions violates these agreements and can lead to legal issues. Therefore, Netflix has implemented measures to detect and block VPN usage to prevent access to restricted content.

Yes, you can watch US Netflix in the UK by using a VPN that can bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions. ZoogVPN is one such VPN service that allows you to access US Netflix from the UK.

To change your Netflix region from UK to US, you can use a VPN like ZoogVPN to connect to a US server, then log in to your Netflix account. This will allow you to access the US version of Netflix, which has a wider selection of TV shows and movies. Just make sure to clear your browser cache and cookies before logging in to avoid any location-based issues.

It is not possible to watch US Netflix in the UK without a VPN. A VPN is required to mask your IP address and make it appear as though you are accessing Netflix from within the US. ZoogVPN is a reliable VPN provider that allows you to easily access American Netflix from the UK.

There are several VPN providers that work with US Netflix, but not all VPNs are created equal. ZoogVPN is one of the best VPNs for US Netflix, as it offers fast and reliable connections to multiple US servers, allowing you to easily bypass geo-restrictions and access US Netflix from anywhere in the world.

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