What is Internet Censorship?

Let’s face it – the internet isn’t equal for everyone today. You can’t access Wikipedia in China and Myanmar. It’s not possible to  stream YouTube inside Iran or Turkmenistan. WhatsApp and Skype are also blocked in the UAE. That’s all because of the internet censorship – a form of control that governments, ISPs and other companies are taking over the internet. They might block access to some websites at all or remove specific content which in both cases harms your browsing experience and affects your freedom online.

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We believe that every person has a right to uncensored, secure, and private Internet no matter where they are located. ZoogVPN gives you back the right to speak freely and lets you access popular websites that may be blocked in your location.

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The freedom of speech is a basic human right no matter where you are located. Be sure you are safe to say and do whatever you want on the internet with ZoogVPN. We provide you with an anonymous IP and hide your real one. The new IP is used by many other people, which creates a pool of anonymous activity. It's impossible to link anything back to you.

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Even with a Free ZoogVPN account you can access any website from every point on the map.

Premium services

Use social media networks

Use Twitter, Facebook, VK and other social networks from anywhere in the world with a free ZoogVPN subscription.


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Get access to your messaging apps even in the most censored countries.


Read the news privately

With ZoogVPN you can access any news website from anywhere in the world. All you need is our app and an Internet connection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Sure enough. You can cancel it whenever you want, just drop a line to our 24/7 customer support.
Absolutely, we have a transparent 7-days money-back guarantee. You can request a refund and receive it as soon as possible without any questions.

China is one of the countries that proactively blocks VPN providers. Most well-known VPNs are not working in the country. However, ZoogVPN has advanced obfuscation techniques that do work to unblock the websites in China even for free.

Any questions left? Contact our 24/7 live customer support.