CyberNews has interviewed ZoogVPN

ZoogVPN Team has been interviewed by CyberNews – a research-based online publication that helps people navigate a safe path through their increasingly complex digital lives.

Every member of the cybersecurity community contributes to the global level of knowledge in the privacy and security space. Being a VPN provider, we always working towards ensuring complete privacy and security. On top of that, we do our best to educate people and share our first-hand knowledge of digital privacy.

Given that CyberNews aims to share insightful information about cybersecurity at all, we were very happy to answer their questions and be interviewed. We hope that our detailed answers will help at least a few persons who will take it seriously and start protecting their digital lives if they weren’t doing so.

Here is a short roundup of what you can find in the original interview:

On your website, you mention breaking down Internet barriers as one of your goals. Can you tell us more about your vision?

“Breaking Internet barriers is all about our company vision. With a VPN, you can “travel” across the world safely and access any content regardless of your location. I will try to explain it with an example. We use Facebook. Our company uses Google Meet, and we can enjoy the best digital products created in the world. In most countries, people consume YouTube content without a hitch. You wake up and check your notifications first thing in the morning, don’t you? All these apps and websites are so essential today and have become an integral part of our lives. Yet, to think that some people can’t access them due to political issues in their countries or blatant censorship is crazy.”

What features make ZoogVPN different from other VPNs on the market?

“We always took pride in providing a completely free VPN service because it perfectly matches our mission – we can allocate certain resources and capabilities just to provide everyone with a VPN solution absolutely free of charge. Furthermore, ZoogVPN is known for a fair and affordable price tag – we are one of the cheapest VPN providers with a worldwide VPN network and advanced features that help to unblock the services, bypass blocks of heavily-censored countries, and even more.”

With remote work becoming the new normal, what security measures do you think companies should invest in to secure their workload?

“It is mainly up to employees to set up necessary security measures. However, there are a lot of security measures that management can establish to help their employees prevent data leaks and hacks. There are some basic things like limiting access by IP addresses and using 2FA where possible, but it’s also important to think about what company stores and where. Of course, it’s unacceptable to use unreliable messengers for communicating or storing any confidential information.”

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