Stream Hotstar India and Netflix India with ZoogVPN

Hotstar India and Netflix India

Enjoy Unrestricted Access to Hotstar India and Netflix India with ZoogVPN

Hotstar and Netflix belong at the very top of the best online streaming platforms. With that in mind, it’s understandable that people from all corners of the world want to access their services. In this particular case, whether you’re traveling abroad or want to access the platforms from outside the targeted country, you’re reading this because you’re interested in accessing Hotstar India and Netflix India. Whatever the case, you don’t have to worry about anything, as we’ve got you covered. In this week’s Zlog, we will take a look at what both of these services have to offer and show you how you can access Hotstar India and Netflix India with ZoogVPN.  

Hotstar India

Hotstar India

Hotstar offers an all-around streaming product perfectly tailored for every Indian viewer, no matter what his likes and preferences. From blockbuster Bollywood movies to popular TV shows and sports competitions, you can take advantage of a complete entertainment product, all in one platform. It is inherently a premium paid service, although you can find and stream some shows and movies completely for free. All of this makes Hotstar India an excellent choice for anyone looking for all-around entertainment. Moreover, with the entry of Netflix into the Indian market, Hotstar has one significant reason more to further better its service in the future.

Why not Use Hotstar USA?

As a global streaming service, Hotstar also offers a US version of its platform. So, the big question now is –why should you use a VPN to access Hotstar India when you can access the US version without it? There are plenty of reasons for this. Hotstar India offers many shows that the US version doesn’t feature since the latter also makes room for Western content. Plus, the Hotstar India subscription plan is much more affordable than the US one. These are just two of the many advantages Indian Hotstar has over its US peer.

Netflix India

Aside from Hotstar, which is undoubtedly the most dominant streaming platform in the country, Indian viewers can enjoy exclusive content on the Netflix India streaming platform. As most online users are aware, Netflix tends to offer exclusive content to specific regions it provides its services in. Moreover, it comes with very affordable monthly subscription plans, which start at ₹199 per month, which is a little less than $3.

Sacred Games Netflix India

The main draw of the Netflix India streaming platform is the many exclusive movies and TV shows that are only available to Indian viewers. Shows like Sacred Games and Mighty Little Bheem have fared very positively among consumers. Unfortunately, quality shows like these and many others are unavailable to online users located outside of India.

Why You Need a VPN for Hotstar and Netflix India

Of course, there’s a catch in all of this. Just like BBC and RTE, both Netflix India and Hotstar India are available only to users physically located in the country. This means that if you try to register and stream content from one or both of these platforms, their geo-targeting systems will detect your location through your IP address and block you from accessing their sites.

The easiest, cheapest and most convenient way of bypassing geo-blocks is to use a VPN service. All you have to do to access the site is to connect to a remote server located in India. By doing so, you will mask your IP address and gain access to Hotstar India and Netflix India, as well as any other geo-blocked Indian site. At the same time, the VPN will encrypt any sensitive data coming from your end, so you will be able to enjoy a completely private and secure online browsing experience.

With all of this said, it’s of vital importance to choose the right VPN, as not all services can provide reliable servers based in India. This brings us to the main point of this week’s Zlog – how to access and enjoy Netflix India and Hotstar India even if you’re not located in the country.

How to Access Both Sites with ZoogVPN

All that separates you from enjoying what these two platforms have to offer is a couple of simple steps. Just follow these four streamlined steps:

  1. Opt-in for one of three ZoogVPN paid subscriber plans
  2. Download the appropriate app for your device
  3. Connect to our Pune, India server
  4. Head over to Hotstar or Netflix and enjoy!

Needless to say, if you’re already a ZoogVPN user you can skip the first two steps and immediately connect to our Pune server. If you’re having trouble deciding for one of our price plans, check out our ZoogVPN pricing page and find out which subscriber plan fits you the best.

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