Movies: Hottest Hits on Netflix in July

hottest hits on Netflix in July

View the Hottest Hits on Netflix in July

If you’re looking for some quality entertainment in your life, then you must watch movies. Those are the two-hour creations that transport you away from the reality into a world where anything is possible. Millions of people are avid movie aficionados and their chief hobby in their lives is watching movies. There are many ways in which you can procure these movies. You can buy them on a DVD or see them when they are on TV.

Watching Streaming Movies

But there’s another way in which you can watch movies. And this is through the movie hosting websites such as Netflix or Hulu. There’s no doubt you’re curious about the hottest hits on Netflix in July. There are thousands upon thousands of different movies and TV shows readily available to the visitor of these sites. You can watch all of these at your own discretion.

One of these websites is the world-famous Netflix. It’s one of the leading websites in the field of providing online immediate entertainment for millions of people. There are as you might imagine many movies you can easily watch in the comfort of your own home- that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the hottest hits on Netflix in July.

Hottest Hits on Netflix in July

This article will share with you a couple of movies you can watch in July 2015. So without further ado, here’s the list:

  • Alive (1993). This is a movie about the Uruguayan football team whose plane crashed somewhere in the Andes. There are the survivors who then have to band together and use their strength in order to get to safety. There’s a deep level of religious mysticism in this movie. The film’s stars are American actors such as Ethan Hawke and Josh Marshal, and for some this may be somewhat deterring from the flow of the story. But the horrors that a person endures in order to survive are fully and sometimes painfully depicted in this movie. Be sure to be on the edge of our seat for the biggest part of the movie.
  • The Secret of Roan Inish (1994). There’s a story among the Irish people of the so called selkies – these are seals that shred their blueberry style coats in order to walk on land, just like humans. Director John Sayles has created a family film that will fill you with warmth as you watch it. It tells the story of a daughter reuniting with her family in Ireland. She then discovers that her life is inextricably connected to that of the selkies. Be sure not to miss out on seeing this movie.
  • Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. The cult classic of 2001 boasted a set of unforgettable character that luckily made it to this prequel. Everyone, including the Hollywood mega star Bradley Cooper. It’s jokingly said that his movie will have the “oldest teenagers ever”. It will follow the traditional plotline of hearts being broken and lessons being learned. All combined, you’ll have a lovely time watching this move.

But there’s a catch here. There wouldn’t be any sense in these websites being available to everyone equally. And such is the case. These websites are simply unavailable in many countries all throughout the world. There’s something called the geographical restriction, which makes these websites unavailable for many countries. If you happen to live in such a country then you must be enraged that this should happen.

IP Addresses and Access

But fear not, because help is at hand. Have you ever heard about the genius invention called a virtual private network? It’s a software that will be installed on your device and which will help you bypass all of the barriers we’ve mentioned. The way it works is through the masking of your IP address and changing it into an IP address of the server’s own country. But you needn’t know the details, as the program will do all the thinking and work for you.

Where to Find a VPN Provider

Where can you find these VPN providers, you ask? Well, zoogvpn is one of them and one can sign up to a FREE VPN as a starter subscription in a flash. This is all you need in order to be able to watch the streaming content on websites such as Netflix and Hulu from outside US or catch up with BBC iPlayer and ITV Player from outside UK. As you’ll see, there are countless of hours of entertainment to be found through these online streaming services.

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