How To Hide Your IP Address With A VPN?

How to hide your ip

We live in dystopian times where no information can genuinely be considered personal anymore. Much like your real address, your IP address contains information that could trace back to you in real life. You don’t just run around giving out strangers your home address, do you?
With every click on a new website, you give out your IP address to a website together with your location data, operating system, and information about your device. Who knows how they choose to proceed with the acquired information? It begs the question – how to hide your IP address and protect your identity? The easiest and safest way is to get a secure and versatile VPN service like ZoogVPN. More on that below. 

What is an IP address?

An IP address is your personal web identifier and it is necessary for websites to send you data. Think of it as your physical address or a phone number assigned to you, the only difference is that the IP address can change if your Internet Service Provider does not offer static IPs or charges extra for this option.

What’s my IP address?

It’s easy to find out, simply run the “What’s my IP address?” search in Google and you’ll find out. The information in a form of digits may seem pretty harmless, but if you copy and paste your IP address into IP location lookup, you’ll see that your physical location down to a street is available to every website you visit.  There are countless shady websites and services you shouldn’t be giving this personal information to.

Is my IP visible at all times?

Yep, at all times. The only moment worth mentioning is that your IP address can be static or dynamic – meaning that you are assigned with an IP address that stays the same or an IP that changes from time to time.

Why hide my IP?

If your personal data is of any value to you, we suggest you protect your IP address from prying eyes. By accessing your IP address, certain companies and hackers can retrieve the following information:

  • Home address
  • Credit card and banking information
  • Web history
  • Personal files

ISPs have full access to your web browsing history and there’s nothing that can stop them from selling it for their commercial gain. Even the governments don’t oppose this practice, which is insane. Besides paying for the internet, you also become the product up for sale. That’s why it’s essential to keep your IP safe.

How do I hide my IP with VPN?

That’s easy. All you need to do is to sign up for a secure VPN service, download the app for your device, connect to one of the protected servers and you’re good to go. Besides hiding your real IP address, VPN services have a plethora of benefits like avoiding censorship and ISP throttling and many more. You can read about the features VPN service provides here.

Are there alternative methods of hiding my IP?

Sure thing. However, we must warn you that there are certain downsides when it comes to them. For example, proxies don’t have the encryption features that VPNs do and if something happens to the company running the proxy all the information about its users will be disclosed. DNS changers don’t change your IP and the Incognito Mode (also known as Private browsing) only does not record browsing history. These options are not viable for safe browsing.

What’s the best VPN for hiding my IP address?

Your best bet is ZoogVPN – the best affordable solution on the market. We offer all the premium features you’d expect from an expensive VPN service for a fraction of their price. ZoogVPN s the best affordable all-in-one solution when it comes to securing your personal data and avoiding censorship to maximize your web experience. In case you have any doubts, you can try our free plan with 10 GB of bandwidth and 5 locations around the world, no credit card necessary. Join us today!

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