How to Setup VPN on PS3/4

PS4 VPN setup

How to Set Up VPN on PS3/4

PlayStation 3 or PS3 is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world. It was introduced on the market in 2006 and thousands of players still use it to play some of their favorite games. Starting from December 2013, players can also buy the newer version- PlayStation 4 or PS4. This version comes with an improved processor, better interface and overall gaming experience. This doesn’t mean that there are no new games for PS3, but their number is slowly declining and players are encouraged to move on PS4.

Use of Consoles

People use both consoles primarily for playing games. However, this is not the only feature of these gaming consoles. Many people use it to browse the Internet, sending e-mails or even for using some popular streaming platforms like Netflix. If you have carefully read the terms of use for PS3 and PS4, you might have noticed that there is a part where Sony informs the users that the data they send and receive is gathered by their team and what is even more interesting is that this data can be used by other companies if needed too.

Of course, the main reason for this collection of data is to improve the user experience. But, when someone collects info about the time you use your device, your location, your account ID, your communication and other similar activities, you must admit that the feeling is not very pleasant. But, there is a solution to avoid this legal “spying” and it comes in the form of a VPN – a virtual private network. By using a good VPN like the one provided by zoogvpn, you can be sure that your anonymity is protected and that the data you send and receive are confidential. But, how can exactly can we setup a VPN on PS3/PS4?

A basic guide for how to set up VPN on PS3/4

Before we go into details, it is worth mentioning that the procedure of setting up a VPN on both consoles is almost the same. The parts that are slightly different are obvious and don’t require special instructions.

The most important part is to configure a VPN on your desktop or laptop computer. You can use the FREE VPN provided by zoogvpn or later can buy a plan that suits you the best right away. When you make the purchase, you will get an email with detailed instructions about the configuration process. These instructions are very simple and even a beginner user will be able to figure out how to perform this action. You will only need to fill some fields of data and your VPN connection will be established. What is even better is the fact that the computer will memorize this data and the next time you use your VPN, you won’t need to fill the fields again. There is special software for this purpose, but once again, its use is very simple and the instructions are precise and thorough. When you finally download, install and set the VPN on your home computer, you will easily use it on your PS3 or PS4. There are few ways in which you can do that.

The first one requires the use of a crossover cable that sets connection between your computer and gaming console. When they are connected and synched, simply connect to the VPN and that’s it.

PS4 Connections

Setting up a connection on a PS4 device is even easier because you can rely on the router and Ethernet controller. In this case you will connect to the VPN provided by ZoogVPN through your Wi-Fi router. Once the gaming console is connected to the router you will start using the VPN automatically. This is the most convenient solution, but keep in mind that not every router supports VPN access. It is better to check whether your router is compatible or not before you start with this procedure.

In addition to the increased protection of privacy, ZoogVPN solution will also allow you to access content that is geo-restricted. So, if you are outside USA you will be able to watch Netflix or HBO without any problems. ZoogVPN has a list of IP addresses from different countries that will help you mask your unique IP address and cover your current location.

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