What is Military Grade VPN Encryption?

military grade VPN encryption

What is Military Grade VPN Encryption and Do You Need It?

Many of us have seen top VPN services advertise that their product comes with ‘military-grade encryption’, but what does this mean and do you even need to care about it if you’re a casual VPN user? As a VPN service that uses the highest standard security protocol itself, at ZoogVPN we feel that our users need to know everything about military grade VPN encryption and what it really brings to the table.

How Does Encryption Work?

Encryption has played a big role for thousands of years. With the advancement of modern technology, it always stayed at the forefront of innovation, constantly evolving. While it changed in form and evolved over the course of history, encryption has always worked in the same way. In order to work, encryption needs a safe key that decrypts and encrypts. Without a key that would decipher the encrypted text or algorithm, the encryption would stay

In online communication, users can apply encryption software to protect their private data from anyone who might be looking to get a hold of it. By using a mathematical algorithm, encryption scrambles the data in such a way that it can only be unscrambled by a specific key. There are many types of encryption, each providing a certain level of security. Currently, the strongest and most used encryption is AES, also known as Advanced Encryption Standard. It offers a cipher key that goes up to 256-bit size, encryption that can withstand virtually any hacker attack.

Is Military Grade Encryption the Most Secure Encryption Available Today?

How safe is military grade VPN encryption?

As its name says, military-grade VPN encryption is standard encryption used by military institutions. It is the highest AES encryption available. Since military institutions often operate under the radar, they usually use the best security protocols available in order to ensure every piece of information stays hidden and encrypted.

With that in line, when a VPN service, like ZoogVPN, offers its customers a military grade VPN encryption standard, it means that they are providing them with the most secure and reliable encryption protocol currently available. Users can rest with supreme confidence in the service’s trustworthiness and safety.

Due to the fact that it’s a highly advanced and sophisticated encryption technology, not many VPN services can afford it. This is why most VPN services use regular or, in some cases, advanced encryption. This is still fairly secure and reliable but is much weaker than military grade VPN encryption. Ideally, when choosing a VPN service, users should look for a one that offers the highest possible encryption standards.

How safe is Military Grade VPN Encryption?

We’ve talked about how military grade VPN encryption is the best money can buy right now, but safe is it really? As we’ve mentioned above, it can withstand almost any intrusion attempt. This is because it has many security layers, so whenever a hacker breaches one of the layers, the system automatically closes his entry point and he has to find another way in. At the same time, when the system recognizes a breach in, it starts tracking the hacker himself as a countermeasure. This type of encryption is the best way to prevent and stop any potential security breaches. To answer the question of how safe is military grade VPN encryption it’s extremely safe and is more than enough to protect every online user. While most online users don’t even think about this aspect of their VPN service, having a military grade VPN encryption should be a must for every conscientious online user.

Try Out ZoogVPN’s Military Grade Encryption Service

When you opt-in for a service that offers military-grade VPN encryption, you are ensuring that your personal and sensitive data gets the strongest protection out there. A VPN service provider that offers such a high standard level of encryption is a service you can rely on every time you need it. Encryption is a vital factor for your online privacy, so make sure you’re getting the best one out there. Try out ZoogVPN for free now, or opt-in for one of our paid subscription plans and secure your online privacy today.

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