Online Privacy – A basic Human Right

Online Privacy - A basic Human RightOnline Privacy – A basic Human Right

Privacy is one of the basic human rights and online privacy is of no exception. This is a right to anonymity and confidentiality. Privacy refers to the area which is not public, in which we don’t act on behalf of a company, authority or any other legal entity. Private life is a term used to describe a part of an individual’s right covering those situations where it is reasonable to expect peace and non-interference in intimacy. Private life includes spheres of our lives where we are not dependent on the institutions, rules or any moral acceptability. The right to privacy begins with the protection of personal data in accordance with human rights conventions as well as the country’s constitution and laws. With these regulations, the individual is allowed to make independent decisions to whom, when and to what extent they will disclose their personal information. In the recent period we are witnessing a real revolution in the field of technology thanks to the advance of the Internet. People spend hours in front of their computers and they receive, send and share data with other people. That’s why experts are discussing another issue that is related to this activity and to privacy – online privacy.

What is online privacy?

Online privacy is a really interesting topic that is part of ongoing debates between tech savvies and law experts these days. The government and local authorities are trying to implement laws that are usually focused on elimination of online piracy, but the truth is that many of these laws actually limit our Internet experience and violate our privacy. This is the reason why there is growing interest for protection of online privacy and why there are so many services that offer their customers secure browsing sessions which will make their online browsing perfectly safe. There is no doubt that these things in the future will become even stricter, so taking few actions to make sure that your Internet activities and privacy is secure is a must.

privacy online - digital lockProtect your sensitive information with a VPN

Why you need a VPN service?

If you are worried about your online privacy and you’ve done some research, you have probably read about VPN as a solution. zoogvpn is proud to provide one of the best VPN services at lowest prices on the Internet. Our VPN service has excellent encrypting capabilities which can guarantee complete protection of sensitive information. In the past this type of technology was used only by government bodies and banks, but today thanks to the advance of technology anyone can allow themselves this type of online protection. Thanks to our service, you will be able to: send and receive messages privately, your browsing history will be protected from your internet service provider and you will get the chance to use the Internet with a different IP address (you can transform your IP address into a foreign IP address). All internet traffic is encrypted which means that your sessions are private and that’s not all.

You can use ZoogVPN service on any device you want – smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers. Each of your online browsing sessions will be conducted via tunnel, protecting you from any attempts to track your activity. There is no doubt that VPN service is the best option for those who want to protect their online privacy.

Privacy is a basic human right

One of the reasons why ZoogVPN is created is the fact that we believe that every individual has a right to privacy. We believe that people that use the Internet should enjoy their Internet experience without being monitored or spied. That’s why we provide our VPN service.

The number of Internet users is growing constantly. In addition, people are using the Internet for many activities – they join social media networks, purchase things, share their opinions, watch TV, listen to music etc. In other words, people and their personal information are becoming more vulnerable to attacks. With the help of our encrypted solution we can provide safe internet activity. We are always focused on the protection of your data.

Finally, since we strongly believe that online privacy is a human right, you should know that your sessions are not logged in our system. Your browsing history is never tracked. So don’t delay and start using VPN today!

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