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We are once again grateful to be reviewed, this time by the internet security website PrivacySharks, which made headlines in 2021 for uncovering the Gigabyte ransomware attack story. We thank them for taking their time to review our service. 

You can read the full-length review here

ZoogVPN Review Overview

“Not only does ZoogVPN help users stay safe and bypass censorship, but it also offers fast speeds, which makes it a good choice for heavy-data activities. There is also a no-logs policy to ensure that no personal user data is ever stored or shared with third parties.”

Spot on. Our clients’ privacy is of utmost importance. We don’t keep logs, which means we can’t sell any, unlike some of our competitors do.

“…it operates in some excellent countries. This means that its subscribers have access to thousands of IP addresses from popular locations like the US, Germany, and the UK.”

With pretty much everything you need in a VPN service, we’ve got you covered: a variety of IPs from all over the world for your Netflix, military-grade encryption for your privacy from all the annoying Google ads and cookies, and fast speeds for your occasional League of Legends grind. Besides that, with ZoogVPN you don’t ever need to worry about your browsing history being intercepted, stored, or sold.

Another noteworthy ZoogVPN feature mentioned in the review is the number of available simultaneous connections. In the case of ZoogVPN, the number is unlimited.

“This is great since it means that users no longer have to configure the VPN to their router to protect all of their household devices; instead, they can share the subscription with their entire household so that everyone is protected when surfing the web.”

Sign up for a secure VPN service with ZoogVPN. We offer an unlimited number of simultaneous connections on our premium plans and a plethora of features on a free one. We are happy to be recognized as one of the best affordable solutions out there. 

Disclaimer: no financial reward or incentive was offered or given by ZoogVPN.

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