Sign up to US Netflix outside US

US Netflix outside USSign up to US Netflix outside US

Netflix is one of the most popular internet streaming services in the world. It is available to people in North America, South America and certain parts of Europe. However it is good to point out that different versions have different programs in their offer and they don’t cost the same. For example, US Netflix has great programming that comes at really low prices, but as the name suggest it is available only to US residents. The good news is that there is a way that’s actually quite simple and easy to sign up to US Netflix outside US and watch all those programs without any interruptions. The process is very simple and it won’t cost much.

You will basically need three things – an unblocked US Netflix account, a device that can emit Netflix and suitable credit card. In addition, having an internet connection with 10 Mbps or faster will make your viewing experience even better.

 Sign up to VPN

Netflix has a system that can detect your location when you try to sign up from outside a Netflix supported country like US. It is based on IP address detection. Luckily there are solutions to this, the best being the use of a VPN. Using a VPN service like ZoogVPN will enable you to disguise your real IP address by assigning an IP of a country of your choice like US or UK. Some of the benefits of using ZoogVPN service include an easy to follow setup process, and a very competitive price. Furthermore, the use of this service won’t affect your usual internet activities because all other websites will remain available and as a matter of fact you will be able to use other geo-restricted services like Hulu for example. In addition, you will also get a free trial period to give it a go, risk free. It is good to know that US Netflix is also offering free trial period which means that you can check everything and enjoy streaming shows on Netflix for free during the trial. Once connected to VPN making sure that your IP address is changed you can proceed with the next step.

 Sign up to US Netflix

With your new US IP address activated, you can visit the Netflix website and sign up as a new user. In case you receive a message that their service is not available in your area please ensure that you’re successfully connected to the VPN. Next, create username and password. After that, you will see the page about payment details. Those who have PayPal based in US won’t have any problem and they can use it freely. However, since most people don’t have this type of PayPal they need to follow some other steps. Remember to avoid selecting Add unlimited DVDs option because you won’t have access to them. Stick to the Unlimited Streaming option. When it comes to the payment method, use your credit card and enter the information, but instead of using your real Zip code find a US ZIP code. If your Zip code and credit card is accepted you can now enjoy the shows and movies on US Netflix. If your credit card is not accepted you can use EntroPay virtual credit card.

 Ways to watch US Netflix

Most popular way to watch US Netflix is online on your PC or Mac through an Internet browser. However, to watch Netflix on your iPad, Android tablet or other mobile device you can also download the official Netflix App form the respective online store.

We hope that this guide will help you sign up to US Netflix outside US and that you will be able to watch all the great shows on Netflix. Remember that the popular House of Cards Season 3 is aired on Netflix now.

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