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Can a VPN Be Completely Anonymous? – Yes, But Here’s How

Online anonymity is an all-encompassing term and doesn’t mean the same for everyone. For some Internet users, it just includes browsing in private or avoiding targeted ads and services. For others, it includes complete facelessness in the online world and Internet usage without leaving a trace. 

While we know this is impossible to do without any tools in today’s online world, are VPNs the solution for everyone that wants to be anonymous online? On this page, we’ll discuss the biggest threats to your online anonymity and what features a VPN needs to have to guarantee your anonymity.

Biggest Threats That Make it Hard to Stay Anonymous Online

Before we get into the aspects that make your VPN anonymous, we should discuss the biggest and most significant threats to your online anonymity. It’s no secret that the Internet can be a very dangerous place if you’re not careful, but some anonymity threats will actually come from places you’d least expect. With that in mind, let’s go over the biggest threats to your online anonymity:

Wi-Fi Networks

The owner of the Wi-Fi network can see everything you’re doing while connected to the particular network. While this isn’t inherently a problem, if you’re using a public unsecured Wi-Fi, malicious users can exploit the lack of security to steal your private information. This is why you should always avoid using these networks without a VPN if you want to stay anonymous online.

Websites and Apps

Websites need your IP address to provide you with their content. Any website you share information with can see your metadata and possibly exploit it. And, apps are nothing better. Almost every app nowadays will ask for some kind of permission. When you grant access to the app, it’s up to the app’s owners what they’ll do with your personal information. So, make sure to download only verified apps you can trust.

Search Engines

Google is notoriously infamous for collecting large chunks of your data and using it for advertising purposes. However, this is the norm with many other search engines, which have identical or similar practices. If you’re using Google Chrome or any similar browser without a VPN, you can bet that they have extensive personally identifiable information on you.

Payment Services

When you’re using a credit card or e-wallet, you’re leaving behind a digital trace of your payment activities. These trails can reveal what you buy, how much you spend, and where you spend it. Maintaining anonymity while using these traditional payment services is next to impossible. 

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Lastly, your ISP is the reason why you can’t be completely anonymous. Since it processes and handles all of your data, it can see everything you do online and share it with the government or any other third-party agency if it chooses to. In some countries like the US, your ISP doesn’t even need permission to record your private information. And, without a VPN, they have no problem tracing any information back to you.

How ZoogVPN Helps You Stay Anonymous Online

Even though threats to your online anonymity and privacy can come from all directions, at ZoogVPN we employ all of our advanced features to make sure you stay anonymous online when connected to one of our secure servers. Here are just a few top features that enable us to keep your information under a tight lock:

  • 100% No Logs Policy – We are a zero-logs VPN and take our users’ privacy very seriously. In other words, we do not keep any logs, links, or identifiable user information that could be traced back to you and potentially put your anonymity at risk.
  • Private DNS Servers – We are one of the very few VPN services that only use their own DNS servers, ensuring your IP address will never get into the wrong hands.
  • Cryptocurrency Payments – We support Bitcoin payments, enabling you to purchase a subscription without giving away any significant personal or financial information. This helps you get a step closer to complete online anonymity.
  • Strong Encryption – We use 256-bit AES encryption to ensure your data is maximally secured. As of yet, there are no known cases of anyone reading data encrypted by this encryption standard.

Get a ZoogVPN Today and Stay Anonymous Online!

A private and reliable service like ZoogVPN will make it very challenging for potential intruders to breach your anonymity and collect your valuable, sensitive information. Although it’s near impossible to guarantee complete online anonymity nowadays, the features we’ve discussed above allow our service to provide you with the best tools for maximum possible anonymity. Sign up with ZoogVPN today or try out our service for free and make sure you’re as private as you can be when using the Internet.

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