Unblock the RTE Streaming Service with a VPN

unblock the RTE streaming service

How to Acess and Unblock the RTE Streaming Service with a VPN

RTE is the leading TV broadcaster in Ireland. Unfortunately, its services are unavailable outside of the country. This means that if you’re from the US, the UK, or are simply leaving Ireland for work or vacation, you won’t be able to access its platform. Luckily, this is where a VPN service comes in handy. You can use it to trick the RTE into thinking you’re accessing its platform from an Irish IP address. If you want to find out how you can unblock the RTE streaming service and enjoy everything this popular broadcaster has prepared for its viewers, continue reading this page.

What Can You Watch on the RTE Player?

Before we get into the details and discuss how to access and unblock the RTE streaming service from anywhere, let’s take a second to see what kind of content you can expect from this platform. While the RTE Player might not yet be popular as its British counterpart, the BBC iPlayer, this online streaming service is steadily growing in numbers with each passing year. RTE Player users can use the service to stream movies, talk-show programs and even cult Irish shows like Fair City.

Apart from the rich library of entertainment products that we’ve just mentioned, RTE is also a huge player in the world of sports streaming. You can use it to stream international athletic events, golf, boxing, horse-racing and, of course, the ever-popular Gaelic Games. To top off all of this, most of the content featured on the RTE Player is completely free. This basically means that by springing for a VPN so you can unblock the RTE streaming service, you will be saving money on pay-per-view subscriptions.

Stream sport, tv shows and movies with the RTE Player

Why do you need a VPN to Access RTE?

Just like any other streaming service that is oriented towards one specific region, RTE uses an industry-standard geo-blocking mechanism to ensure its content is only distributed to the territories it holds licenses for. For copyright reasons, some content that RTE broadcasts can only be aired to users in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. So, with that in mind, if RTE were to broadcast copyrighted content to its viewers from outside of the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland, it would directly be breaching a legally binding contract it made with its third party content licensors.

While this certainly is an obstacle for those who want to access the content from abroad, it’s not a problem that you can’t overcome by using a VPN. With that said, not every VPN service is powerful enough to unblock geo-restrictions posed by platforms like the RTE Player. As of writing this, ZoogVPN is the only major VPN service that offers its users to go around RTE’s geo-blocks. Our customers can do so by connecting to our Dublin server, which can unblock the RTE Ireland streaming service, as well as Netflix, UK All4, and many more sites and entertainment platforms.

Can you Unblock the RTE Streaming Service with a Free VPN?

If you’re on a tight budget and aren’t a heavy VPN user in your daily life, you might be tempted to sign up with a free VPN service in an attempt to unblock the RTE streaming service. As a security and privacy-oriented service, we would advise you to stay far away from free VPNs. They often have limited, crowded servers and lack the funds to provide even the basic security tools to ensure user protection. After all, if free VPNs were reliable and safe, there would be no need for paid premium services.

Sign Up With ZoogVPN Today

If you’re already signed up for our VPN service, you know all of the advantages ZoogVPN brings to the table, regardless of where you’re accessing it from. ZooVPN is the only major VPN service you can use to unblock the RTE streaming service, as well as any other popular streaming platform out there. If you’re an avid internet user with a need for unlimited entertainment, ZoogVPN offers you a complete service that unlocks the entire internet. Sign up with one of our affordable pricing plans, or try our service for free now.  

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