US Netflix vs. UK Netflix

british vs american netflixUS Netflix vs. UK Netflix

Netflix is one of the first providers of on-demand internet streaming content in the world. This is also one of the most popular services of this type. It has millions of subscribers and thousands of TV shows and movies that people can stream and rent. Netflix is offering online DVD and Blu-ray discs rental and video streaming. There are many reasons why people love Netflix and prefer it over the other similar services. Besides the huge number of videos, one other thing that makes Netflix great is the huge device support. This service is available for computers, smart TVs, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets and many other devices. It seems that this company is always following the latest trends in technology and that’s why it has millions of subscribers. However, there is one downside of this service – it can be viewed only in certain countries. In the beginning, Netflix was available only in the United States and Canada. After few years it became available in parts of Europe, Latin America and Australia and Oceania. But, what is even more interesting is the fact that there are several versions of Netflix. There is US Netflix and there is UK Netflix for example. That’s why many people wonder what’s the difference between these services, especially what’s the difference between the two most popular versions – US Netflix vs. UK Netflix.

To start with, the US Netflix has a significantly larger streaming library compared to its UK version. However, this doesn’t mean that the US version is better because there are certain movies or shows which are streamed or available for renting only on one of these versions.

For example, if you enjoy TV shows like Being Human, American Dad, 30 Rock, Alias, Ben 10, Criminal Minds, Shameless, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Psych, My Name is Earl, Miami Vice or Red Warf then you should know that these shows are available only on the US Netflix. On the other hand, if you a fan of some of these TV shows or movies – 24, Fresh Meat, Black Books, Andromeda, Highlander, The Goodwife, Brotherhood,  Sponge Bob, Nurse Jackie, Mythbusters, Stargate, The Unite or Whitechapel you should definitely choose the UK Netflix because they are available only on this service. In addition, there are some TV shows that have only several seasons available on one of these versions. For example, Breaking Bad season 5 was unavailable on the US version while the UK Netflix had it.

watching NetflixNetflix is the biggest online streaming service

US Netflix streaming plans start at $7.99 while UK Netflix streaming plans start at 5.99 GBP per month. This means that the US version is insignificantly cheaper.

Generally speaking, US Netflix has more to offer, but there are some special shows and movies that are available only on the UK Netflix, so it is really difficult to give a precise question which one is better when you compare US Netflix to UK Netflix. The good news is that you don’t have to choose only one of these versions. It is quite easy to switch to different regions and get access to different Netflix versions. The easiest way to do that is to use a VPN service like zoogvpn.

zoogvpn as the name suggests is a VPN service provider. A VPN or virtual private network allows users to redirect their web traffic through a specially designed web tunnel. ZoogVPN allows you to choose your IP address which means that you can mask your IP address and make it look like you are using the internet from USA, Canada, the UK or whatever country you want. In this way you can easily watch all the shows and movies available on Netflix. When you need to watch some exclusive TV show on US Netflix all you need to do is to start the VPN service provided by ZoogVPN and in a matter of seconds you’ll get access to the US Netflix. It is good to point out that this VPN service works equally well on computers as on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and gaming consoles.

This service offers fast VPN network infrastructure, so users can enjoy streaming their favorite videos in high definition without any problems.

Choosing a good VPN service like ZoogVPN is the best way to experience the true potential that Netflix has regardless of your current location.

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