VPN Server Count – A Misleading Feature

VPN server count doesn't matter

Why The VPN Server Count Doesn’t Say Much About a VPN

Many VPN services advertize the number of servers and server locations as one of their main selling points. And the truth is, this works. Casual and new VPN users put this category at the top of the list, because, after all, a privacy-oriented service should have as much different servers as possible. But, although every successful VPN service should offer a variety of servers, the number of servers in itself is not a guarantee of the service’s reliability or trustworthiness. In this week’s ZoogVPN, we’re going to lay out a few important reasons why VPN server count isn’t as important as most users think.

Not Every Server Is Suitable for Every User

VPN servers come in many different forms and are designed to be used in various ways. VPN services often optimize their servers always to handle the workload assigned to them, without wasting too many resources. To handle the demand, VPN services need to be as top quality as possible so they could cater to the demand of the users. Numbers dont mean muc if a VPN has hundreds or thousands of servers, but the majority of them isn’t capable of handling the workload or fulfilling the needs of its users. This is why it’s always better to have a smaller number of servers, but with most of them being suitable for gaming, streaming and torrenting, than to have a huge selection of server locations, with most of them not being able to support such activities.

Quantity Doesn’t Guarantee Quality

VPN providers have the tough task of encryption network connections and passing information between the user and the internet with minimum delays. This requires a lot of effort and what’s more often the issue, a lot of finances to maintain. Here’s where we come to the main point of this paragraph. What does the number of VPN servers do if they can’t offer top performance on each of their own? If a VPN server can’t maintain a stable connection and a decent speed, it can’t do the main thing it’s created for. For this reason a VPN should use a smaller number of fast server speeds that run at 1Gbps than to offer tens or hundreds of servers that aren’t able to maintain a decent network connection.

Your Location Can Make a Huge Difference

VPN server location

Of course, while the quality of the servers themselves plays the biggest part in the equation, it all starts with your bandwidth and the connection potential of your network. Not to say that the VPN server count isn’t important, in some cases users suffer similar issues simply because of the two aforementioned factors. To check if this is the case in your particular situation, before connecting to any VPN server it’s a good idea to benchmark your connection under normal conditions.

After this, try connecting to a nearby server and a remote server right after that. You’ll notice significant differences in both download and upload speeds. Once you’ve determined the golden middle, you can find the best server that suits your personal needs. Ideally, you would want to use VPN servers that are based in a country where VPN services are legal and that are relatively close to your actual physical location.

The Importance of Choosing the Right VPN Service

Of course, with all of this being said, you should always choose a VPN service that offers a healthy balance of VPN servers from all regions of the globe. As a quality-first VPN provider, ZoogVPN carefully chooses its server locations, to provide you with the best possible coverage, no matter where you are. Our global network of VPN servers currently numbers over 50 server locations in 26 countries, with thousands of unique IPs.

But, more importantly, we guarantee that all of our servers are optimized for maximum performance with complete privacy and fast speeds. We also pride ourselves in offering all of the popular VPN protocols, dedicated streaming and torrenting servers, and unlimited server switching. With a zero login policy, you can rest assured that all of your personal information and preferences stay completely private, safe and far away from prying eyes. Choosing the right VPN is of paramount importance to your online privacy and security, so make sure you pick the best VPN service.

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