VPN vs Proxy – Why is VPN a Better Solution?

VPN vs Proxy

Why is VPN a Better Solution?

There is a growing number of people who are aware of the fact that our online activity is not actually completely private. Government agencies and hackers can easily monitor our activity in case we are using the internet without any protection. The most efficient way to solve this security issue is to use a private encrypted connection. There are basically two options when it comes to this type of protection.

The first one is a VPN (or Virtual Private Network) and a proxy (proxy service).

These two options are capable to do similar things, but experts agree that using a VPN is a much better solution because it provides more security, protection and comes with few other features. In order to understand the advantage of using VPN over proxy we must highlight the basic features of each option.

Using a proxy

A proxy service is a term used to describe a service that allows users to redirect web traffic for a certain program or app through a remote server which ultimately results in greater secrecy because the IP address that you have will be masked with the one used by the proxy service. This server can be found in the same area where you are or within the national borders of your country, but it can also be located in foreign countries.

It is also good to point out that a number of proxy services encrypt the data that is transferred through their server. Proxy services are usually used to overcome smaller problems related to privacy and security. This is what makes VPN a better solution.

Using a VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a type of service that allows users to redirect the internet traffic via 3rd party server (in most cases located outside user’s country). VPN has powerful data encryption which is almost impossible to decrypt. The entire traffic goes through the VPN server and users can rest assured that their privacy is protected. Once you are connected on the VPN server, you can freely browse all the websites you want. You can also pick IP addresses from different countries in order to browse websites that are restricted in your country.

In the past, VPN was a service used only by companies, but as the technology made progress, this type of service became available for private users too. Today, there are many VPN service providers like ZoogVPN that have inexpensive packages in their offer.

So, what makes VPN a better option?

First and foremost, VPN provides anonymity and protection for your complete internet connection. Everything you send and receive through the Internet will go via the VPN server from the moment you connect to it. This makes VPN perfect for people who want to be safe all the time and you don’t have to use different proxy servers for different services.

With the help of a good VPN service provider you can also expect to get better encryption and speed compared to proxy servers. The advance of technology has allowed VPN servers to use only a small portion of the internet speed users have. On the other hand, the encryption is significantly better compared to proxy servers. Even your internet service provider won’t be able to tell what you are doing on the internet.


There may be some problems in case you won’t to redirect software outside the VPN tunnel, but as we have said before if you have selected a reliable VPN service provider this problem can be easily solved. The same goes for the price. While in the past, users had to pay a lot more compared to paid proxy services, the prices today are more or less the same and they depend on the provider. What you are looking for is a top quality provider that allows you to view TV streaming online using your own membership.

We hope that this information will cleat all the dilemmas you had regarding private encrypted connections. At ZoogVPN we are proud of our VPN offer which allows users from all over the globe to securely connect on any website and Internet service they want regardless of their current location. In addition, you can rest assure that your online privacy is completely secured.

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