Why VPN Warrant Canaries Matter

vpn warrant canary

What are VPN Warrant Canaries and Why They Matter

In the era of heavy censorship, many internet service providers and governments are using the internet to collect information about online users. While some may argue that companies and government organizations to this for security reasons, monitoring online user activity is a direct breach of rights. That is where VPNs step in, to maintain user privacy and anonymity when browsing the internet. But, how can you really know if a VPN is safe and private or if it’s been compromised? Read this week’s Zlog and learn everything about VPN warrant canaries, small but very important legal declarations that help the users tell if a particular VPN service is safe to use.

What is a Warrant Canary?

First, it’s important to understand what a warrant canary is. Simply put, a warrant canary is a legal method which a company can use to disclose if it has received any secret warrants or subpoenas from the government to divulge the private information of its clients and therefore directly compromise their identity and online security.

Nowadays, when information is easier to obtain than ever before, we’re all aware that a lot of major companies are engaged in tracking or monitor their user’s activities in one way or another. When a company receives a warrant or subpoena, it is legally required to provide all of the information. If they don’t comply, they can face serious legal repercussions. Naturally, most companies are willing to comply in order to avoid such a situation, but there are also companies that manage to find a way to inform their customers before they are legally gagged.

When it comes to VPN warrant canaries, they typically inform users that there has not been a secret subpoena as of a particular date. If a particular VPN service has a warrant canary on its website, it means that it is completely private and safe and hasn’t received any warrants or subpoenas to reveal its client’s data.  If, on the other hand, the canary has not been updated for the time period set by the service, the users are to assume that the service has been served with a warrant or subpoena.

Why do VPN Warrant Canaries Matter

Even though VPN services are becoming more popular with each passing day, companies that deal in providing privacy services to their users are often the target of government authorities. This is because the government goes from the premise that VPN services are primarily used by people who are looking to undergo illegal activities or compromise national security.

This is why VPN warrant canaries matter so much. Although they are impersonal and indirect, warrant canaries are the best way for VPN providers to inform their users of having received any warrants or subpoenas. VPN warrant canaries are especially useful for privacy-conscious internet users who want to make sure their privacy if fully guaranteed.

Why You Should Always look out for VPN Warrant Canaries

Most online users and VPN customers aren’t aware that warrant canaries exist or they simply just don’t put too much thought into this. This is a very dangerous way of thinking that can lead to unnecessary trouble down the road. Warrant canaries are simple but very effective guide signs that help indicate any danger. As such, they can go a long way in ensuring that your security doesn’t get compromised.

VPN privacy and anonymity

If you’re extra careful about your privacy, you can go step further and check if your ISP has a warrant canary. While this is not a complete guarantee that you will be fully protected from government spying if you’re not using a VPN service, it is a good sign that the ISP provider is genuinely concerned about your online privacy and confidential information.

ZoogVPN’s Warrant Canary

At ZoogVPN, we are fully dedicated to providing our users with a private and transparent service they can always count on. ZoogVPN doesn’t collect any information on your online activities. This means no logs, no history monitoring or activity tracking. Our users can rest assured in knowing that we have never been disclosed any confidential information of our customers upon any request.

In its six-year-long history, ZoogVPN has received zero national security letters, gag orders or warrants from any government organization. If you’re looking for a safe and private VPN service, look no further than ZoogVPN. Opt-in for one of our paid subscription plans or try our services for free and enjoy free and uncensored internet.

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