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We are glad to be reviewed by VPNBlade. We appreciate their taking the time to review our service, let alone rating us as one of the best VPN services worldwide. You can read the full-length review here.

Key points from ZoogVPN Review

“ZoogVPN offers affordable plans with risk-free 7 days money-back guarantee. The majority of its competitors don’t provide value-for-money plans but ZoogVPN does. They also have free plans with amazing features.” 

Exactly. We’ve always strived to be the most affordable solution for our clients without any compromises. Some of our competitors may cut corners in order to give you a cheaper VPN, but we go all-in in terms of affordability, quality, and a variety of features that come as standard. A free plan is available too, and it’s free without any hidden payments, you can see for yourself.

“ZoogVPN comes with 256-bit encryption, a zero logs policy & unlimited bandwidth, which makes this VPN one of the best in the VPN industry.” 

We value our clients’ privacy and do everything in our power so that they don’t have a thing to worry about while browsing, streaming or downloading content on the internet. We have a strict no-logs policy to prove our point – shady internet service providers will no longer be able to trace your every step.

“ZoogVPN offers dozens of torrent-friendly, fast, and unlimited P2P VPN servers. You have a fast and unlimited solution to download anything from torrent fully protected and anonymous.” 

>Not to be too cocky, but we have bragging rights when it comes to options for unlimited downloading and torrenting. Our servers are fast and the server list is constantly growing, giving you a wide variety of available locations worldwide.

Sign up for a secure VPN service with ZoogVPN. We offer an unlimited number of simultaneous connections on our premium plans and a plethora of features on a free one. We are happy to be recognized as one of the best affordable solutions out there. 

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