What Does A VPN Hide?

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A decent VPN client provides countless security and convenience features, ensuring the best user experience for its customer. Good VPN services tend to work smoothly under the radar, minimizing the difference between the VPN connection and the regular one without disturbing the user. However, what exactly does this kind of service do? We will look through the many use cases of virtual private network clients and what they can hide in this article.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network is a tool to mask your IP and encrypt your data, giving you stronger online privacy and anonymity. It essentially creates a safe and encrypted connection between your device and the network. Think of it as a shield that does not let the hordes of strangers into your personal life. Once you are connected to a VPN server, all your Internet service provider will see is a bunch of encrypted gibberish. But what exactly does a VPN hide? 

Does a VPN Hide Your IP Address

VPN is an excellent tool for creating camouflage for your IP address – it assigns you a virtual address that will be visible to every website you visit instead of giving up your real IP. If disclosed, your actual IP address can give your physical address and personal information to ISPs, hackers, advertisers, and all kinds of grifters, which is why a VPN is so essential for your security. 


Do VPNs Hide You Search History

We all have something a bit embarrassing about ourselves or just don’t want anyone creeping through our personal matters. If you go on the internet unprotected, all of your search history and the history of visited websites are up for grabs for your ISP. Virtual private networks prevent your search history and the websites you visit from becoming the public domain.

However, if you’re logged in to your Google account, the cookies might deanonymize your search results. You may also want to clear the browser’s history if you’re sharing your PC or mobile phone with someone else.

Does VPN Hide You Location

Well, that’s pretty self-explanatory. VPN can hide your location by assigning your device to a virtual address. The actual IP address can give away the town or city where the servers you are connected to are located. If your anonymity is important to you, you should consider getting a good VPN client.  


Does a VPN Hide You Personal data

VPN encrypts all your data before it goes to the internet, thus making it a pretty hard job for hackers and scrapers to access your personal information and data. It is imperative that you use a VPN client on your journeys and even in the mall or cafe while connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots or the hotel Wi-Fi. God forbid you to use a public Wi-Fi hotspot without a VPN. It’s a grave mistake. Sorry to disappoint you, but the incognito mode (also known as private) won’t cut it, as the traffic is still available to ISP and governmental bodies.


Your VPN usage

Unfortunately, from day to day, we hear more and more the term “Orwellian times.” Global surveillance seems omnipresent, and you cannot really get a sense of privacy in these strange times. Some countries prohibit the use of VPNs so that they can see everything you do online. Luckily for you, a good VPN can handle these blocks with ease. Obfuscation is designed to bypass the blocks set by ISPs and imposed by governments. If you’re wondering, we have this feature for our lovely customers. 



Even though torrenting itself isn’t illegal, obtaining pirated content like movies, games, literature, and music is considered a violation of copyright laws. Some countries may fine you for torrenting copyrighted content. We don’t exactly condone such behavior, but we feel that it’s important to mention that VPN can prevent your IP from being disclosed to peers and hackers while you download (hopefully not copyrighted content, right?) something. 

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