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To everyone’s surprise, the Yandex search engine is not just an aide for the ex-soviet intelligence agencies to collect users’ personal information, it is also a great tool to look for restricted content in your country. For example, Yandex is hugely important for SEA users who use it to access adult content in their countries.

What is Yandex com?

Yandex is the Russian equivalent of Google or Meta, in a way. Besides providing users with unfiltered search results, there’s also a plethora of different services like taxis, food delivery, maps, and many more. Within the years of its existence (that would be 25), Yandex became Google’s closest competitor in the post-soviet region, despite valiant efforts from their rivals such as, Rambler, and many others. Unlike Google with its safe search turned on by default, Yandex can run results with videos and websites for adults by default. Such detail is important for Indonesian users who suffer from constant blockings of social media platforms and the Act Number 44 of 2008 on Pornography, also known as the Pornography Law.

Is Yandex a reliable search engine?

There are serious security concerns you should be aware of. Yandex is no stranger to various scandals, like getting caught harvesting user data from millions of iOS and Android users. If you choose to go with Yandex, you’ll need a reliable VPN service to hide your real identity. You don’t want them to know everything about you, including your web history. Once a user from Indonesia is done with his search, his information can be stored indefinitely on Yandex’s servers.

We sugest you use a VPN service while browsing Yandex, in case you value the privacy and the safety of your personal information.

Looking for a free Yandex VPN?

Is there a Yandex com VPN?

ZoogVPN offers high speeds and instant connection to more than 50 servers around the world. It is an optimal solution even for a video streaming. There’s also a free VPN service if you want to test the waters prior to buying a premium plan. Don’t worry, no credit card necessary.

How to access Yandex com in Indonesia?

ZoogVPN can help you with that part. To access Yandex securely, you need to do the following:

Are browser extensions good enough for Yandex porn?

We at ZoogVPN strongly advise you to avoid any kind of browser extensions, since they don’t provide any kind of protection and security features, unlike VPN services do. If your government tracks you with a helping hand from your Internet service provider, there is a strong case that your personal information is in danger. Porn is censored and banned in many countries around the world, and you don’t want to get caught watching illegal content, and if you use a proxy browser extension for Chrome or any other browser,  you’re virtually naked. Besides, many “free” extensions have been caught stealing personal information from users and transferring it to third parties for commercial purposes. Don’t let anyone make you a product.

Who we are

ZoogVPN is a young and creative team dedicated to providing the best VPN service for the affordable price, as we believe in equal and uncensored access to the Internet. Our service allows browsing, torrenting and bypassing geo-restrictions without a hassle for a fraction of the price of our competition.

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