How to Keep Social Media Accounts Safe From Hackers – 5 Simple Tips

How to Keep Social Media Accounts Safe

Our Five Tips on How to Keep Social Media Accounts Safe

You’ve most likely heard about the security meltdown Twitter experienced a few days ago, in which dozens of influential Twitter users, including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Barack Obama, had their accounts hacked and used for a coordinated social engineering attack.  With that said, such attacks have happened before and will likely happen again on each one of the popular social media services. With social media being a critical part of personal, but also business lives for most of us, in this Zlog post, we decided to shine a light on this issue and discuss how you can avoid falling into cyber traps. Read on to learn our five tips on how to keep social media accounts safe from hackers. Read more...

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ZoogVPN Review – TheVPNShop

ZoogVPN Review by TheVPNShop

We are pleased to be reviewed by TheVPNShop and once again being recognized as a leading affordable all-round VPN service provider in the industry. We would like to thank them for the time they took to review our service to provide helpful information to readers worldwide.

thevpnshop zoogvpn reviewThe key pros mentioned in the review

The review found ZoogVPN’s key pros as follows:

“When it comes to VPN protocols, ZoogVPN does pretty well too. OpenVPN and IKEv2, the best of the best, are both available, although you might need to switch the default from IKEv2 to OpenVPN. For Apple users, L2TP/IPSec provides a third-best alternative.

Apart from VPN Protocols the review also emphasised on ZoogVPN being a strictly zero logs VPN service, offering unlimited household devices with one subscription and the ability to offer access to streaming services including Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

For full review click on ZoogVPN review link.

TheVPNShop is no ordinary VPN service review site, in fact they are unique in their impartiality, unbiasedness and objectivity when reviewing VPN services and only rate them on their merits rather their marketing budgets.

Their mission statement is as follows:

“We don’t earn any commission for the sales we drive and therefore have no ventured interest in which VPN you buy. We believe this to be a game-changer in the market and one we are proud to put our name behind.”

We hope that this objective review will be useful to anyone considering to start using VPN and empower their online presence.

How to Sign Up to ZoogVPN

If you’re not yet a subscriber to our all-in-one affordable VPN service, then we would love to welcome you aboard! Sign up to free VPN today!

PS: No financial reward or incentive has been given to the reviewer by ZoogVPN.

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Need a VPN for Business? Here’s What You Should Consider

VPN for business

Need a VPN for Business? Here Are Our Top Tips

Online businesses have become the driving force of many commercial industries. With more and more companies going completely remote, the frequency of cyber-attacks has also grown exponentially over the past few years. With that in mind, having a VPN can help you protect against such attacks and keep valuable business and financial information away from anyone’s reach. In this week’s Zlog, we’ll take a look at the biggest reasons why you should consider using a VPN for business purposes, and share with you some tips on how to pick a service that best suits your needs. Continue reading to find out more. Read more...

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Net Neutrality – Everything You Have to Know On the Issue

Net Neutrality – Should we Have Unrestricted Internet?

net neutrality

The issue of net neutrality has been a hot topic over the previous couple of years, especially in the US. With many people declaring the “death of net neutrality,” there’s still an ongoing debate whether net neutrality is a good or bad thing. While the end of network neutrality still isn’t upon us, it would undoubtedly make a significant impact on the Internet as a whole. In this week’s ZoogVPN, we’ll talk about the probability of this happening, the effect of the FCC repeal of net neutrality on the future of the Internet, and all other aspects you should know. Read more...

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How do Advertisers Always Know Your Location?

Online advertisers

How do Ads Find Your Location?

It’s common knowledge that advertisers and marketing companies gather and store quite a bit of information on online users. From collecting data on user interests and activity to allowing third-party cookies, they have a heap of tools at their disposal.

What’s more concerning than this is that advertisers can also follow your physical location everywhere you go. In this week’s Zlog, we’ll take a look at the ways advertisers get precise location data on online users and share with you some tips on how to stop them from doing the same to you. Read more...

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