ZoogVPN CEO interviewed by Safety Detectives

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Our CEO Yaroslav Savenkov was recently interviewed by Safetydetectives.com, where he spoke about the importance of users’ privacy and standing up to worldwide censorship. We are thankful for their taking the time to get to know us. You can read the full-length interview on their website.

Key points from the interview

We were one of the first companies who offered a commercial solution for streaming and this is how our product (former ZoogTV) was created. We tried to unblock as many streaming services as possible and it was an easy job those times.

It is still one of our top priorities to get our users to forget what geo-blocking is. In 2022 it’s extremely hard to consume new content on different platforms, each having its own set of restrictions. And let’s be honest, not everyone lives in the UK or the US and gets to watch their favorite show or a sporting event without exhausting procedures to bypass the geographic restrictions. God knows how many laptops are full of viruses alone from the pirated content downloaded on some sketchy websites.

We do believe in users’ privacy. The idea of creating a VPN was just natural for our founders. We saw the real problem and offered a solution to it. A lot of VPN providers joined the market when they saw a real demand for VPNs and huge opportunities here.

It’s truly a unique time in history when our every step in both the real world and virtual can be traced. Albeit we cannot do anything about the global surveillance IRL, we can at least help our users take back their privacy in the comfort of their homes.

We don’t charge too much because we understand that the countries where a VPN is vital for people can’t afford to pay $100 for the subscription. Unfortunately, citizens of countries with strong censorship have very low purchasing power, but the free and safe Internet is an inalienable right they deserve to have.
A lot of our team members are currently spread around war-torn Ukraine, and unlike many others, we understand the struggles when it comes to invasion of privacy, censorship and being unable to talk to your loved ones. That’s exactly why we focus on delivering the best solution for the most affordable price. Once again, our customer can be anyone and anywhere. ZoogVPN is for all people.

By reading the full-length interview, one can be confident in the bright future of ZoogVPN. All the global challenges are seen here as opportunities that we’ll keep on tackling until we colonize Mars and then open the ZoogVPN branch on the red planet. Join us

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