ZoogVPN has been nominated in the BestVPN.com 2019 Awards in the Best Free and People’s Choice categories

ZoogVPN Nominated for Best Free Award – Vote now!

ZoogVPN is proud to be nominated by BestVPN.com for Award in Best Free VPN and People’s Choice categories. 

BestVPN.com was established in 2013 in UK and specializes in reviewing and comparing VPN services. Since 2017 they have been running an Oscar-style awards for VPN services across the industry.

A recent ZoogVPN review was conducted and published by BestVPN.com, for which we thank the team for taking their time to conduct. However, we would like to highlight the following inconsistencies:

  • Jurisdiction is Greece and not Isle of Man or UK.
  • Speeds are also reasonably fast – meaning that this VPN is good for streaming.” in the first paragraph contradicts “Not ideal for streaming” in the Dislikes section.
  • “No kill switch” in Dislikes section while ZoogVPN offers Kill Switch on macOS, so another not entirely accurate statement.
ZoogVPN Nominated for People’s Choice Award – Vote now!

We believe we offer the Best Free VPN Service on the market as we continue to thrive to deliver on our mission – “Breaking down Internet barriers and censorship for complete Internet freedom and privacy from anywhere for everyone”.

We will continue to advocate net neutrality, freedom, security and privacy so that every person has a right irrespective of their location to unrestricted, secure and private Internet from anywhere for free and affordable prices!

Your support is much appreciated!

We particularly encourage all our subscribers including Free VPN Plan and Premium Plan users to show your support and cast your vote here  for both categories.

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