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The ZoogVPN team is glad to be positively reviewed by Topvpnservice.com. We are beyond grateful for this comprehensive review of our services. You can read the full-length review on their website.

Key points from the review

“It runs on a solid AES 256-CBC cipher on SHA256 authentication and RSA-2048 handshake. That’s pretty much impenetrable. Looking for a VPN with solid encryption is always the right way to go about things.” 

The mentioned protocols shield your personal information from being accessed or hacked with ease. It would take more time to crack a military-grade AES 256-bit encryption than our lovely universe has existed. Until immortality is discovered, you have nothing to worry about with us on your side.

“As for ZoogVPN, it is headquartered in a privacy-friendly region in Greece that doesn’t observe any data-retention laws. So, all-in-all, that’s a positive check for privacy.”

Our headquarters are located in Greece, whereas many other VPN companies are located in the US, a founding member of intelligence alliances called “5/9/14 Eyes”. If the company falls under the jurisdiction of one of these member countries, the government officials can track your internet activity and exchange your personal information between the other member countries of said alliances, even if you live somewhere else.

“There are some claims through other reviews regarding its functionality in China. This might be due to its China server, or the ZoogVPN shadowing feature, providing an extra boost to bypass heavily censored regions.”

We have this neat obfuscating trick called ZoogShadowing, that can help you browse securely even in the most censorship-happy countries. In times like these, VPN obfuscation is essential for any traveler or just a regular citizen of a country with, let’s put it mildly, strict policies.

“ZoogVPN isn’t involved in collecting or processing your data, keeping things strictly transparent. The only data they seem to collect is your connection logs. They require you to provide them with an email ID, which can be personal or inactive, and that’s about it, 100% no logs.”

It is by far the most important stipulation for us to provide the services for our customers. We always improve our features and try to add something cool and new to our arsenal, but being reliable has always been and will always be our main priority. ZoogVPN provides a secure, stress-free experience for your peace of mind at the lowest price on the market.

Sign up for a secure VPN service with ZoogVPN. We offer an unlimited number of simultaneous connections on our premium plans and support for every popular operating system. We are happy to be recognized as one of the best affordable solutions out there. 

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