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We are happy to be reviewed by another major review service – VPNPick and once again being recognized as a leading major VPN provider suitable for beginners with strong online protection and access to blocked media content such as US Netflix from anywhere. We appreciate their efforts to provide their unbiased review of our service and provide helpful information to VPN lovers worldwide.


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VPNPick is a major VPN review website and their aim is to provide unbiased, detailed and informative reviews to help users to make the right choice of VPN service provider for their needs.

The chaps at VPNPick are true professionals with deep knowledge of the VPN industry. Here is what they had to say in their review of ZoogVPN.

“ZoogVPN is affordable and will suit those who want a VPN that is easy to use, reliable and that allows them to bypass restrictions and use P2P applications without exposing their identity. While the network is small, it provides good speeds and the service gives you effective protection against DNS leaks and even IPv6 leaks. They are working to increase the amount of servers and to add new features to the service including kill switch to boost the protection to your privacy. One of the main advantages of ZoogVPN is that it allows users to unlock Netflix US. Although Netflix is constantly trying to reinforce its blocks, providers like ZoogVPN are committed to update their technology to defeat the restrictions. Overall, ZoogVPN is a good solution to secure your internet traffic when using public WiFI hotspots and to unblock popular streaming services. Thanks to its ease of use, it is ideal for beginners.”

We hope that this review will be helpful for anyone looking to give our service a try!

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PS: No financial reward or incentive has been given to the reviewer by ZoogVPN.

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