Everything You Need to Know About ZoogVPN Servers

ZoogVPN Servers

Everything Important You Should Know About ZoogVPN Servers

As a quickly-developing VPN service rapidly growing in subscribers, we’ve decided to put together this detailed article to provide our new and existing users with all of the necessary and important information about our servers. In this week’s Zlog post, we will take a look at ZoogVPN servers and share with you some tips and tricks on how you can maximize server performance and take your VPN service to the next level.

A Detailed Rundown of ZoogVPN Servers

ZoogVPN offers a fast-growing global VPN with hand-picked servers optimized for all types of internet activities. We currently have 41 servers in our network, covering every corner of the globe, from the US and Europe to South Africa, Asia and Australia. There are several important characteristics of ZoogVPN servers:

Extremely Fast

ZoogVPN servers are among the fastest VPN servers available on the market. Our 1Gbps VPN servers ensure maximum speed, no matter your location. With unlimited bandwidth and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ZoogVPN servers fast and very reliable.

Optimized for Maximum Performance

In order to provide our customers with the best possible service for their online activities, we’ve optimized each server for maximum speed, privacy and security. We understand that different people use VPN services for different reasons. That’s why we have created separate and dedicated ZoogVPN servers for obfuscation (shadowing), torrenting and streaming.

User-Friendly and Easy to Use

Besides a focus on performance and speed, our servers are also very convenient and easy to use. ZoogVPN users can easily and quickly switch between servers for as much as they want and switch between server protocols. Our service is also very user-friendly, as we implement a zero log policy and run our own regular DNS checks to ensure you are private and secure at all times.

How Does a VPN Server Work?

ZoogVPN servers, and all VPN servers for that matter, function in the following way. The process starts when you launch the VPN client, in this case, one of the ZoogVPN dedicated apps. You can then select a server and connect to it. Once connected, the remote server location replaces your real IP address, meaning your ISP, or anyone else can’t monitor your activities. The VPN server also serves to encrypt and decrypt every bit of information that comes and goes from your devices.  

One of the most important aspects of quality server performance is the VPN’s server load. This refers to the number of users that are connected to the same VPN server at the same time. For example, a server that is 80%-90% loaded will not perform as efficiently as a server that is only 20% filled. At ZoogVPN we’ve made sure that all of our servers never come near capacity. The vast majority of ZoogVPN servers are hovering between 10% and 30% server load at all times.

Tips on How to Maximize Performance of ZoogVPN Servers

ZoogVPN Server features

ZoogVPN servers are optimized for maximum performance and blazing fast speeds. With that said, there are always additional measures you can take to enjoy even better server performance. Here are some tips on how to maximize server performance when using ZoogVPN:

  • Change your IP Address – As we’ve mentioned above, ZoogVPN allows you to quickly change up VPN servers without too much hassle. By changing your address and connecting to the server closest to you, you are guaranteed to improve your VPN speed in a matter of seconds.
  • Adjust Encryption – Speed is directly affected by the type of protocol you use when connected to a VPN server. Different VPN protocols use different encryption levels and the better the encryption, the slower the connection speed. At ZoogVPN we offer you a number of protocols, including OpenVPN UDP 1194/TCP 443, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP and IKEv2. So, depending on the type of your activities and the level of encryption you need, you can easily adjust your protocol choices and maximize server performance.
  • Adjust your Firewall – While this is not directly connected to the VPN app, firewalls can limit your connection speeds and often cause disconnection issues. By adjusting the settings, you will be able to check to see if any limitations are applied and customize them.

Choose one of Our Great VPN Servers

At ZoogVPN we offer a high-end, quality and very reliable VPN service for just a couple of dollars per month. ZoogVPN is a complete solution for securing your online privacy and anonymity. Sign up with ZoogVPN today and enjoy safe and unrestricted internet access. If you’re feeling undecided about ZoogVPN services, we also offer you a chance to use our free subscription plan and enjoy our service for free for as long as you wish, with limited service options.

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