VPN for Russia – Why ZoogVPN is Your Best Choice

ZoogVPN – The Best VPN for Russia

ZoogVPN – The Best VPN for Russia

Going into 2019, the Russian government decided to tighten its grip on censorship and surveillance even further. Recently, Russian news agencies reported that the government plans to block certain VPN services in the next few months. While some VPNs have already been affected by this project, ZoogVPN users can still freely use the VPN for Russia and will be able to do so in the future as well. In this week’s Zlog, we will go into the important details on how you can use ZoogVPN in Russia to avoid the ever increasing censorship in Russia.

Russian Privacy Laws

Widespread internet censorship and blocking have become a common thing in Russia. A little over two years ago, at the beginning of 2017, Russia launched an all-out offensive against VPN services. They passed a law that bans any VPN service that doesn’t comply with the country’s strict censorship regulation.

After two years, Russia’s demanding VPN ban has finally started to take a toll on the majority of VPN services on the market. Many VPN providers have already started to shut down their services in Russia in order to protect international customers and protect them from potential Russian surveillance. Predictions from privacy experts are that by 2021, the Russian government could have complete control of the entire online world in the country.

The current landscape looks pretty grim. Top Russian ISP providers are already blocking websites that advertise VPN for Russia internet users and there have even been examples when the Roskomnadzor (Russian federal communications supervision service) has shut down entire websites for having a single piece of information that goes against Kremlin’s agenda.

All of this means that VPN services are a must in Russia if you want to keep even a little bit of privacy. While using a non-government approved VPN in Russia can get you in trouble, it’s still possible for you to use a VPN service, though it’s very important to choose the right one.

What Makes ZoogVPN the Ideal VPN for Russia?

The Russian government has made it very difficult for VPN services to operate in the country. Luckily for our ZoogVPN users, our VPN service makes it easy to enjoy unrestricted internet in Russia. This is mainly because ZoogVPN is:

  • Based in a foreign country – ZoogVPN is based outside of Russia. To be more precise, it’s headquartered in Greece, meaning that there is no possibility of our servers being monitored, decrypted or investigated. Based in a country that favors privacy and anonymity, ZoogVPN is completely safe to use.
  • Focused on strong encryption – As a VPN service that uses the latest encryption protocols, at ZoogVPN we offer you everything you need to combat censorship and protect your online activities from any encryption breach attempts.
  • Comprised out of the right service features – ZoogVPN supports an assortment of encryption protocols, allowing you to tailor your experience as it suits you the best. Our service comes with a huge selection of cherry-picked, high-quality servers and a zero login policy.
  • Budget-Friendly – You can start using our VPN for Russian for just a couple of bucks per month, giving you the best price on the market and a service that provides a lot of value for money.
  • Superb for every online activity – Last, but definitely not least, one of the biggest factors why ZoogVPN is an ideal VPN for Russia is that you can use it to torrent, stream your favorite content and browse the internet in complete privacy.
Stop internet censorship with ZoogVPN

Fight Censorship with ZoogVPN – The Best VPN For Russia

The main purpose of VPN services is to guarantee uncensored and free access to every corner of the internet while keeping you safe and private at the same time. The actions of the Russian government over the past couple of years have greatly reduced not only online freedom, but the freedom of free speech and expression in the country itself. This is problematic, to say the least, but you could get around it by using a reliable VPN. Sign up with ZoogVPN today or try our service for free and avoid any censorship or privacy issues when using the internet in Russia.

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